Bags Galore: Tote Bags @ Dsquared2 and Mango

I'm totally become a 'tote' convert after seeing this guy carried a tartan drawstring tote bag at Sainsbury's last year while shopping for groceries. So infatuated by it I thought I want that tote bag he's carrying. Since then, off go all my messenger bags... in with all range of tote-allicious slinging on my shoulder!

And as my prying eyes are truly sharp eagled, I caught the brand of the tote. It's Dsquared2. And boy, I tell you Dsquared duo - Dean and Dan (who look like George Clooney on crack, LOL) - really know how to make delicious tote bags for men who dare to push limits. Like these lots that I found at Yoox. Two in tweed with leather trims and the other one in all leather. Love the design. Pretty simple and practical, and roomy too. Their signature would definitely be the 'strap' around the upper part, kinda drawstring that I looked at previous guy has at Sainsbury's. The only thing that I hate is the price - they start at almost £500! Mega yikes!! I ain't buying any bags above £300.. ngggg...

And for any stylish bargain hunter, this one by Mango looks equally delicious. Well, I know I tried to shun Mango for their collection this season. Now i think I have to take it back (eating my humble pie? :P). The trim might not be all leather and stuff, yet the denim fabric is what i like. Yes, the design looks smashing too. Why they're not in store yet!??

The Big Fat Blog Turns 1 !!!

ZA's Big Fat Blog turns 1!!

Another milestone. Yet, there are more to come. More clothes and accessories to be tried on. More shoes to be walked in. More stores to be visited. More fitting rooms to be violated. More gadgets to be tested. More trends to look for. 


I Cast You A Spell....

My nephew is a ginormous fan of Harry Potter. So once upon a time he told me if I could get him the Harry Potter wand. I said I dunno where can I find it. Not at Leadenhall Market of course (that's where the scene is filmed, fyi). Not that I don't wanna get him one, but to find a nice one - not the crappy plasticky thingy from Argos or Play.com - is quite a find really.

Finally when I found out that Hamley's got one, it turned out that I am the one who became ecstatic. Ecstatic coz the wand looks quite real. It's pretty cool since it is the exact same replica used in the movie. And it came with a special box with velvety casing made it looks extra special. 

This time around I hope his birthday gonna be one of the highlight of his life. And it's on the sacred date of 09.09.09. What more could he asked for? 

The wand comes with a certificate of originality.

The stamp saying the trademark and copyright of Warner Bros.

Big.Fat.Snoop: Uniqlo and H&M.

I thought my weekend would be perfect. Money's in because it's the end of month, Vistoria line is in full service, weather is not that bad, the weekend break is another day longer and stores had loads of bargains due to bank holiday so shoppers would deffo flock the stores. But, it doesn't seem so. Hmm...

My day started quite weird when I board Victoria line the yesterday. I'm so glad that I got to sit on that single-seater in the rare Victoria line coach and there's not many people around that morning. Then it stopped at the next station where suddenly loads of people get in. And since my coach has limited seats and loads of standing spaces, suddenly this middle-aged lady suddenly sat beside me! On the already single seat. Hello..are you a nutter? She didn't even want to move to the seat in front of me (which is double seater) even if another passenger offered her. Totally weirdo. Does she get infatuated to my Carlina Herrera's Chic perfume? Or my Gucci boots? So weird..

Btw, my shopping trip this time brought me back to Westfield. Once arrived, there's not many people around. Hey, where's everybody?? This is weird no. 2... I thought.

So, what's hot in stores? It seems that there's a denim war going on between Uniqlo and H&M. Both are offering discounts on denims. Uniqlo did mix-n-match of any 2 jeans for £40 (original price is £25 each denims), while H&M did £10-off selected denims. But I think Unqilo win this one coz their range is way much better!

At Uniqlo I was contempt to get those mustard-colored V neck merino wool jumper on offers. But damn...they don't have my size. Instead I tried on the crew neck. Yikes! Not sexy at all. I hate covering my chest, fyi!! But the color is stunning nonetheless.

Then there was this green V neck which is so delicious (doesn't look that green in the pix, huh?). There are two greens actually, but I pick this one up coz the color is very richer which felt quite luxe.

And there was this pink one. Yikes! I think it's too camp. The color is too towards fuchsia which I really hate. But I have a go to try it anyway just to test how it might look. (Oh why am I having the same pose??)

And some newcomers - the striped V-neck jumper in purplish pink-black combo. I kinda like the quirky cool feel of it. The merino wool felt so amazing too. Sadly I think this one isn't on £5 off... And oh, at Uniqlo it's kinda weird to get those fitting room for handicapped people. It was so damn huge I, I felt almost intimidating by it. And the lighting is bad too given the size of the room. I think I like a smaller claustrophobic cubicle more... :)

Off to H&M. Nothing new in stores @ Westfield. I was hoping the new wool coat and the merino grandad tee would be in. Yet there's none. Anyway, some that caught my attention are these two jeans. Very rock-n-roll, grunge feel to it. Like this one with splashes of paint on it. In a glance it looks like the denim that guys-after-the-home-renovation-job-that-I-saw-in-the-Tube would wear. It might not be my everyday jeans though, but it looks cool. The fit is amazing too coz it's in the 'SLIQ' range. Very slim-fitting.

Another 'SLIQ' is this one and should be at least one piece in any men's wardrobe - the torn jeans. I know for some of us the ripped jean days are over, but they're making a huge comeback. Dolce & Gabbana did it for next Spring/Summer '10. This one at H&M might come close with pretty amazing 'rip-off' job they did. But the color...hmm, I'll pass.

I sadly went off empty-handed from Westfield before I finally landed at Zara Oxford St and snapped the 'What Is Fashion' tees in red and black. Yes, they come in four colors fortunately (including grey marl). And the salesguy admits there're all quite a seller and went off shelves damn fast (maybe becoz I wrote in this blog last week perhaps..ahaks!!) Anyway this red tee is damn HOT!! Get now if your size is medium and below. LOL!

With list of full loads of stuff to get but managed to get nothing but the tess, my day is finally finished off at the Hamley's toy store. Getting the Harry Potter wand for my nephew's upcoming birthday. Then I spotted there's also this Nimbus 2000 thingy on the glass display that come at a bargain price of £150! Hmm.. maybe his next birthday I might get this one too. Or I can just buy it for myself so that I can 'fly' with it anywhere I want... LOL!


Trendspotting: Check Jackets

One of the must-haves for fall/winter would definitely be the checks. Either jacket or scarves, it doesn't matter as long as the color is grey. If you can afford Burberry, then go on. But for some of us which doesn't have the money up to the roof, some of the bargains out there can still work magic.

Talking about jackets, some big names in fashion as well as highstreet are being awashed with checks. Last time I've tried some at Sisley, H&M and River Island. Each offers slightly different cut and fabric. And price too.

So some of the similar picks again that I found on the shopping sites include these lots. Yes, they bear some resemblence in a way coz they're all in grey checks. But the devil is in details. And depending on how you can stretch your wallets, one of these could be seen hanging in your closet!

Filippa K one-button jacket @ ASOS, £200

He by Mango check jacket, £95
(and it's grey, not blue like in this pix!)

H&M check jacket, £50


It's amazing how the weather could change drastically in London. Last Sunday it was scorching hot that I'm down in my shorts and tee. And yesterday it suddenly become "fresher" (the quote used by London Met office indicating gloomy and raining!). Nothing I could do except to wrap myself in my vest and cardi and a slap of blazer.

I asked my mate to snap this pix while making myself out from college after becoming bored to death. Hehe..

Playing Agent 'Skull'y

I think skull printed tee is always in regardless of season. Last season Alexander McQueen did a very nice rendition of flowery skull bidding the theme of 'romanticism'. And boy, McQueen and Galliano really know how to make great skull printed things.

Not being left behind, I have one from H&M. The Fashion for AIDS' skull tee designed by Tokio Hotel. I really love the fit of the tee coz it's kinda stretchy. Though I hate the original sleeve which has kinda Buzzlightyear feel, but with a quick nip-n-tuck I manage to get it fit my arms properly (talking about DIY in me!). When I wore it last Sunday while playing tourist at Westminster, am I not attracting the passers-by? Definitely. Probably for the wrong reasons coz it has this wording says - Rockhard. F***safe! LOL. But it's fun, who cares?!

And if you wanna play Agent 'Skull'y too, these lots from Stussy look kinda fun. They're available at Yoox. But you can also get skull printed tees from any highstreet stores these days coz they are being awashed with that. Though it made me cringe to see those stupid wide open sleeves, but I think you can do your own DIY with some thread and needle too. :) 

Skull tees from Stussy @ Yoox.com


Mankini: Would You Wear This?

Love or loathe, I think mankini is starting to roll out on the shores. Not sure about Borat or Jim Carrey mankini versions, but this one by Alexander McQueen - seen on runway SS09 and Sean O'Pry in L'Officiel Hommes looks kinda unique. Definitely for those who has a great physique...

What do you think?

[pix from gq style and l'officiel]

I Dream of Koko

Exactly the same day last week I was in a very deep slumber. Very deep indeed coz I’m totally knackered after spending long hours in the lab doing my thing. And usually in my very deep slumber I always dream. This time around I dreamt meeting a cousin from afar. Cousin whom I last met when I went for short vacation during recent Easter break. I think I featured him before in this blog, when I wrote about his couture design for a photoshoot last year.

Yes, that cousin is in fashion too and he studied here in London College of Fashion. I think fashion is really in our blood. My mom’s is in fashion for ages (if you consider doing bridal thingy as fashion, lol!). But that’s not the point of the story. The story is, in my dream I met him here in London where he was in a car. The dream is so vivid, as if I am truly meeting him in real life.

So the morning after, I got a text message. From who? From him, wishing me to have a great fasting month. And I told him “getting this message is kinda surreal coz I just had a dream meeting you last night”. And when he told me that he was texting in a car, that moment I suddenly went “Whoa…!!” Is this more surreal than it could be? I dreamt about him in a car, and now he’s telling me he’s texting in a car? What a coincidence. And talking about coincidence, a couple of weeks before I dreamt meeting a long lost friend of 10 years in a cafĂ© in London. It was so damn vivid that I can see where I was sitting and stuff. And guess what? As spooky as it can be, last Saturday I met him there! How surreal my dream is?!

So going back to that cousin. We’re exchanging texts about what I have dreamt the nite before when one phrase in the last text message, he thanked me by saying “Thanks koko”. I was like ‘Koko?’ Who’s koko? Koko Krunch? Coco Pops? Coco Chanel? I know Coco Before Chanel movie is hot at the moment, and he might be referring to that. It was then I asked “whassup with the name koko?”. And he replied “koko means brother in Chinese…” (coz his mum is Chinese, if you asked).

Oooowh…that was it. At least now that I know one Chinese word, and I truly like that one! That's nice. And thanks too koko. Hope we can meet here in London again!

And talking about koko, I’m thinking of going back to my roots. No, not my heritage, but the roots of my hair. I’m thinking of going back to cocoa color or brunette or dark chocolate. Just to take the ‘spirit’ of the soon-to-be autumn which is always about deep, dark, rich tones of chocolate. It’s definitely gonna be totally delicious…

And mentioning the word koko, boy, am I loving Coco Rocha right now. The uber cool Canadian supermodel. I blamed my podcast for introducing me to Coco. She’s the epitome of what a model should be. Oh no, not a model. A supermodel. Great personality, gorgeous look, amazing pictures, fierce walk and not to mention she can dance too! Who can forget her Irish dance during Jean Paul Gaultier show, right? Coco Rocha – a muse, a supermodel. Love her...grrrrr....

Well, talking about koko all this while makes me feel thirsty (or hungry?). Hmm…where’s my hot cocoa? Oh, silly me...I can’t eat. I’m fasting… :D

ASOS Mag Autumn'09 Issue

When I get home two days ago, I found something lurking around the mailbox. Oh, it's the new ASOS mag for Autumn '09! Great! At least this free mag that is sent to me every now and then could lift up my waning spirit this couple of days. Lifting my spirit, how? Well hello.. ain't we all love to shop, or at least daydreaming of getting that new shoe, those new bag or even the new jacket?? At least I am.
So what's great in the new mag?
  • They introduce the new 'Best of British' range - clothings that are made here in the UK. U know quintessential British product is always the best! Some of the range include Grenson brogues made specially for ASOS. Watch this space...
  • Autumn trends and must-haves.
  • Some editorial columns on what's hot out there.
And oh, in the 'Fashion Barometer' page, they include this 'what's in' list saying: "Blogs are the new fashion magazines..." (blog like this one, perhaps? ahaks!!)
And what're they gonna stock in September? The David Beckham by Adidas. Aren't we excited about that?!


Reiss Fall/Winter '09 Lookbook

Reiss' Fall/Winter 09 lookbook is now available online. Seriously, there're loads of clothes compared to last season. I think overall the collection is basic yet quite strong. Great during this economic climate, coz loads of retailers tend to offer basic staples for safe bet yet strong so that you can wear it season after season after season. Talking about longevity, right?

My eyes are on some key items:
  • Db jacket (double-breasted, not David Beckham silly) - great cut, tends to be very slim fitting just like Lanvin, Dries van Noten and Zegna did for FW09.
  • Luscious tweed grey jacket.
  • Long, wool coat.
  • Leather jackets, which seem to be much refined this time.

(pix from reiss.co.uk)