Labels or Look?: Perforated Laced Shoe

Wow! I think I've scored big again this time around. While scouring the web looking for shoes to become my new 'victim', I just can't help getting my jaw dropped looking at this embossed print lace-ups by Emporio Armani for the Fall/Winter '09. Yeah, it does look cool especially with its hi-sheen glow. Very much so, the price is also quite on the upper edge and not so economistic.

But that's not the reason why my jaw really dropped. It's actually looks similar to the one that I bought from Zara a couple of weeks ago. Just take a look at the pix! Boy, am I so happy?! Does it mean I am ahead of Armani? (Not me, it's Zara LOL!!)

Me vs Designer: 1 - 0!! :D

Labels or Look?: Grey Check Scarves

The single most important part of clothing for autumn (or any chill weather) is definitely the scarf. Whether to dress up or dress down, scarves can do the job well without you trying very hard. And for next autumn, grey has made a comeback to the color palette. As well as check designs. Combine those two... voila! You get a uber cool chic look.

So what's out there? On the designer end, there's this cashmere scarf by Bottega Veneta. Very uber hot with the fringe end. Price? £320 @ Matches fashion. Super yikes!!

But for those under budget (like moi), is the one at H&M. It may not be posh material (it's cotton) but you can still rock the look. As a truly economista, I'll definitely check it out soon coz the price is less than a tenner. 

H&M (L), Bottega Veneta (R)


Bordering Out From Oxford St...

It hit me like a bullet train when I received the email from Borders a couple of week ago that the're having a closing down sale at Oxford Street store. What?? Closing down? Another victim of credit crunch?

Oh man, I really love Borders @ Oxford St. It's the store where I first go and listen to Mariah's Against All Odd almost a decade ago (boy, how time flies!). It's also where I always go and browse the new trends in the magazine sections, be it GQ, Nylon, VMag or whatever. It's where I get great cookbooks on the bargain section (as if i cook, LOL!) and having my caramel macchiato Starbucks with my cousin while talking about fashion!

But when they're having closing down sale, I have to join in. Tell you it's a ginormous SALE. Almost everything in store is slashed to their half price. And for things that's already being discounted, you get further half price too.

So my pick? Are these lots, among a few:

  • Skinny Bastard. A must-read for any bloke in summer. It said on the cover "A Kick-in-the-Ass for Real Men Who Want to Stop Being Fat And Start Getting Buff". Well, I'm already skinny btw.
  • The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic. Hmm.. does the title ring a bell? LOL. I got the previous Confession of A Shopaholic book by Kinsella, so this one is another addition.
  • Shopaholic Abroad. Another follow-up series by Kinsella. And because I'm going abroad too. (Shopaholic. Going abroad. Get it?)
  • Guide for The Modern Gentlemen. A book with loads of rubbish but useful tips and knowledge for blokes. Like style guide, how to change a tyre, how to chop an onion like a pro, etc, etc :)
And some cookbooks at £1 plus some technical books. About 15 books altogether - all massive clearance discounts and doesn't even break the bank! (And I am surprise too)
BORDERS - I shall miss you.
(Btw, there'll be a New Look store replacing it. More clothes. Woohoo!!)

The Unfashionable World of Shoeholic

The ultimate aftermath and nightmare of any shopalotta. Where can I store them?? Especially when you live in a tiny bedsit of a not-so-new Victorian house in Zone 3. LOL! My mates used to say why don't I moved to the centre? Are you kidding me?? Yeah, I may upgrade the status to 'studio' and get a better room, but... hell no. I'm not gonna pay triple for what I'm paying now. Yet alone to sacrifice my shopaholic lifestyle! Ngggg... Besides, the room I'm currently living is not that bad. I still have a couple of months here, so why gave it away. :)

And talking about shoeholic in me, I gave me a severe headache to think where should I keep all those more than 50 shoes? I don't wanna throw away the boxes, coz that's what the shoes are all about too - the ubercool boxes. I HAVE to keep all those Gucci, Fendi, Prada and Dolce boxes, right? 

The solution? Store 'em wherever I can find the space - above the wardrobe, beside the wardrobe; by the bookcase, behind the bookcase; near the entrance, on the vanity... doesn't matter. As long as they're kept neat, safe and uncluttered.

Sometimes I think I lived in a store room. LOL! Hmm... I just can't wait to have a massive shoe closet when I go back soon. (Watch this space)

The Boss by the bookcase, the Gucci on vanity...

By the bed, behind the bookcase... no worry..

On the wardrobe, by the wardrobe... anything can do.


Labels Or Look? : Blue Suede Loafers

New trend for autumn - suede loafers in blue . Last seen on the catwalk in Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter '09. I think Royal blue is a continuation from Spring/Summer '09 and looks pretty cool. Perhaps that's what designer defined sustainability? Or longevity? Longevity of the color, not just cramped into one season only, that is.

LV loafers may be way out of reach for most economistas. Well, credit crunch... you know the drill. Yet, fret not. For the skint of you and moi, the one by Kurt Geiger looks kinda similar. And with brogue design, it's kinda plus point too. 

Labels or look? It's all up to your wallet!

Louis Vuitton FW'09

LV Suede Loafers ~ Price £???

Kurt Geiger's suede loafers - £80

Python Invades My Pants!!

Not contempt with my python laptop sleeve and plimsols, latest to add to my python accessories is this belt that I got last weekend at H&M. It's a real bargain and pure sheer luck really coz the belt is somewhat located hidden above the rack. (Hmm.. snake? Hidden? What a cliche)

It's not my first snakeskin belt. Previously I got a leather belt in black faux snakeskin one from He by Mango. About this belt, what I like about it is - it's Italian-made. The material is a mixed of recycled leather and PU. Love the texture. Very soft and smooth. The imitation scales look amazing too. The design is very slim and goes well with my beige slim jeans. So damn cool. 

Btw, there's already a snake in the trousers (if u know what I meant, LOL!). Now it invades my waist!

The H&M python belt on the beige slim jeans

The black snakeskin belt from Mango


I Got A SNOG!!!

Last Saturday was hot. The mercury has risen again, so as the sun. I had my usual shopping trip at the highstreet, scouring what's the bargain and new in store. And after a while, there's a huge temptation. Could be because the testosterone also gone up or I'm becoming sweaty, so I went to the heart of Soho to get a... SNOG!

Well, wait a minute. It's not what you think. It's the Snog - the pure frozen yogurt store near Shaftesbury Avenue. Brewer Street to be exact. The name is quite irony given the location is among the sex shops.. nggg (it's Soho - the London red light district, ok). Having a snog before or after.. ehem. LOL! Btw, the icecream.. opps.. pure frozen yogurt is just delish. It's terrific.

They came in three basic taste: natural, green tea and choc yogurt. And you gotta choose what size and what kinda toppings you want. I've chosen the little snog (a quickie snog, LOL!) but it's still quite massive. I went for choc with choc chip coz chocolate is better than... natural! :D 

The taste is quite tangy and the texture is amazing. Just like having the Italian gelato. Perfecto, bellissimo... Price? from £3.50. But worth it!!! I think I might go again next time for another snog. :)

[just check out their website http://www.ifancyasnog.com/]

The shop in Brewer St

Choose the toppings... massive variety. Mmmm fruity..fresh!

My little snog of the day: Chocolate with choc ships

I even get some of the postcards!


Big.Fat.Snoop: Mustard, Python and a Snog..

What a cracking weekend. Despite Victoria line out of service (again and again), I am having a great time in the city. At first I was about to have a great adventure ~ to snap some photos of the Blue Plaques around London. But, upon stepping out from Westminster station... damn there's a ginormous number of tourists!! No way I'm gonna have a smooth journey, plus I don't wanna be caught in the swine flu limbo. So, I made my diversion - to the highstreet!

So what's hot? Some stores still having sale while some just begun. Marks and Spencer Sale just started, yeah great. And other main players has stocked new Autumn/Winter collection. Yeay! What did I found?

  • H&M
I remember writing about their AW'09 a couple of blogs ago. And guess what, it's already in. What did I tried? The wooly asymmetric biker jacket and the leather bomber jacket. Looking hot. I love the asymmetric design of the first jacket. But the only issue I had - the top is a bit boxy eventhough it's the smallest size I picked. And it hangs a bit above the hip which is not cool.

The leather jacket one looks good. Yet, not my cuppa tea coz the texture is hard. Kinda feel like I'm a Robocop! Still, kudos for the design though - zipped cuffs, flushed pocket and symmetrical look.

Other pieces includes the supposed-to-be checks jacket (which is not) but looks amazing (despite the pricey tag). And boy, am I loving the zigzaggy cardi? Hmm.. I should get it next time, LOL!. And some new colors in store - mustard. Very nice.

  • HE By Mango.

Sale still going on, and new collection is IN!! I dunno what to pick from the sale coz I almost got everything that I wanted from the SS'09 recently. I ended up trying the Adam Lippes shirt which at first I thought is quite cool. Later on I found out that I hate the fit (despite the massive discount). Quite relaxed feel which is not me at all. Still.. it does look amazing. The fabric is light, the flower power is very masculine chic.

And about the new collection, I have to take back what I've written in the previous blog. I don't really like 'em. The collection is not what I expected. The bag really sucks (eeekk!). The contrast hem jacket is too highschool and the vest...hmmm.. not quite my taste. The only thing that I can say I might like is the shades. Poor Mango...

  • ZARA. 
Sale is still going on and there's loads of stuffs on even more discounts (wipeout sale??). And new AW'09 also already in. I can say I've fallen for the very uber-pointy dressy loafers which make me go crazy. I want one of those!! I'll get it next time..nggg.. And I also tried on this trouser in chic check pattern. The fabric is amazing. But later I realised that it's not a typical trouser - it hangs very low! Kinda harem-meet-Charlie Chaplin thingy. The look itself as if making my whole balls went down to gravity! Not cool. Hate it!!

  • Uniqlo.
Sale also going on. Oh, I love the new padded quilted jackets for autumn. Better than previous FW'08. Plus, they're reversible! Also I love the new colors - maroon and mustard (again) which is seen on some skinny jeans. Not to mention the new green/grey striped cardi and blue extra-fine merino cardi and jumper. But hey, where's the leather jackets that I'm crazy about??

  • Russel and Bromley. 
I think they've just started their sale. Love the python loafers on sale that massively caught my eye! Gorgeous. But I told myself not to get any more shoes for the time being. That's why I throw myself out from the shoe store a.s.a.p. Still it looks amazing..nggg.

My purchase of the week? Python again. Not a shoe, but a belt that I found at H&M. Just great. And some shorts on sale at Uniqlo (plus another 10% student discount)

While making myself out of the highstreet, I realised that my feet is bleeding. Well, not really in blood but my white socks became a major victim of the red color from the inner lining of my new Next plimsols. Walked too much, and my feet drenched in sweat. Cheap plimsols. Not cool. And to end up my shopping journey this time, I went for a quick 'snog' at Soho (tell about it next time..).  

The end.


Size Doesn't Matter; As Long As It Fits...

I'm not talking about penis size here, LOL! (Eventhough that's a massive ego booster for any man). But what I'm talking about is the size of my footwear. This summer sale really has given me a massive revelation. Revelation that keep me in agony too, worried that any shoes that I may purchase online in future would not fit.

Well, my usual size is 10 (equiv. to 44 European size). But this time it doesn't seem to be that! Take my Gucci for example. The one that I bought online is size 10, but at Harrods is size 9. What? Aren't they from the same brand? And my boots from Boss is in 9, but the one that I bought from Bally is 8. Massive WHAT (again)??? I'm totally confused...

Then it struck to my mind. Does the size gotta do with where the shoe is made? Gucci is Italian, Bally is Swiss while Boss is so Americana/German (but i dunno where it's made, nggg...). Or does it gotta do with season? My 10 Gucci is Fall/Winter while size 9 is Spring/Summer? Hmm...

But anyhow, the number doesn't really matter. What's important is as long as it fits... that counts!

Arrrggghh! Why Am I Keep Doing It?

I know it's the first carnal rules of wearing leather-sole footwear: NEVER LET THEM IN CONTACT WITH WATER!! That includes rain!!

Still, I keep on doing it. Wearing it in the rain. Hmm.. welcome to London, anyway. It's sunny breezy in the morning, then voila... massive heavy crazy downpour in the evening. It's like a box of chocolate, you'll never know what you gonna get (hehehe..that's from Forrest Gump).

Well, my poor Gucci boots. Have to wait for another day to let it dry... :( 

(Or I just wear my Dior then..LOL!)



One footwear that might be at the bottom of my shoe list or maybe-I-like-it-but-not-so-sure wanna-haves is definitely the desert boot. Not that I shunned it altogether, it's just I'm not a big fan of suede. Coz I know most desert boots are made of those. But when Clarks (now Clarks Original) did a limited edition in Harris Tweed instead of suede... my prying eyes suddenly go insane!

What I like about desert boot design? It's deffo the cross between lace-ups and ankle boot. I can look dress-up or dress down, depending what I pair it with. I like the almond toe (i.e.slightly pointy) coz it'll look much edgier than any hideous squarish front. And the Harris Tweed one..damn, it looks hot!!

And I also like the one by Burberry. Well, it may not be a desert boots but the design still do the part. Plus, it's Burberry... what not to like?!

(Shortlist 23/07/09)

Burberry Lace-up Ankle Boot


Vote For Me: I've Designed Plimsolls!

As a true shoeholic, it would be a dream comes true if the shoe that you designed would be there in the market. And since River Island is doing their "Design A Plimsolls" comp, I think why not give it a try? Who knows my designed plimsols will be in their stores. :D

So, people.. vote for me (whether you like it or not, LOL!). 

I love monochrome black & white. And since I didn't have any 'dots' designed yet, i think this is the perfect chance. The dots are not that overpowering otherwise it'll become too tacky. And there's a silhouette of a skull at the heel to give that extra edgy look, coz skull design is very IN!!

No doubt, I love snakeskin. Summer trend could never go without it. I like the snakeprint to be slightly sombre color, hence the brown with black undertone is the perfect choice. Plus, it look close to the real one (I guess).

So, look for 'ZAMRI' and VOTE :D


Time To Leather It @ UNIQLO

My one major must-have item for autumn wardrobe is definitely the leather jacket. But to find one is a major issue too. Yes, there're loads out there in the shops but most of them are not my cuppa tea. Some has great fit, but massive pockets on the chest, on the sleeve, here and there - is a real turn off. The one that I previously found at Cos looks pretty cool, yet its too pricey. Then this one on sale at Sisley is chic yet none in my size. :(

But look no further, coz I found some cool leather jackets at Uniqlo. Uniqlo? Leather? Pretty much amusing, but I really think it's about time they did one. Well not one, but loads of designs and colors. From the oohhh biker jacket, to bomber and hoodies. And another one, it's not real leather btw ~ they call it Neo Leather. But I call it pleather (or just PU for some science geek out there). But who cares!? As long as it looks like one and damn simple chic, right?

Mmm..delish. I have to go to their stores now! :D 


Sorbet So Fun @ TOPMAN

Watch out for colors galore at Topman. I was so surprise to find an array of new suit that they've stocked online. Not just your typical suit ~ but in cool sorbet bubblegummy candy colors. Raspberry, lime, bright blue, turquoise and mauve. 

Unlike the colored suits by their previous Antony Price collection, these lots are wool. Meaning they're better wear, long lasting and won't tear off easily. (I got bad experience with tafetta previously). And the cut? Skinny fit. What more rock-n-roll, Gucci look can you ask for, right? And with one button: that's major plus point for me. 

But the price, well. Not very economista-friendly - the jacket is priced @ £140, and the pants are £60 - meaning the whole look will blow off 200 quids easily. Yikes!

I like the turquoise jacket though. I'd better check 'em out in store (but not at Oxford Circus, scare of swine flu thingy!). 

Mango Autumn/Winter '09 Is Out!!

While passing by the Mango store @ Oxford Street last Saturday, I can't help noticing the huge write-up on the display window ~ "NEW COLLECTION". Already? Yeay!

So, what's hot? Overall I think the collection shows the maturity of He by Mango. A far cry from their debut 2 seasons ago (last AW '08 to be precise). Much more sensible and wearable without feeling too ridiculous. Yes, there're lots of wardrobe staples but some really stand out.

My picks? These lots...

Suit jacket: love the contrast hems, and kinda military feel of the button.

Grandad long-sleeve tee: love the contrast hem.

Vest: again, similar range as the previous jacket.

Another vest: I like the zig zaggy pattern. Kinda Jaeger feel too.

Bag: love the color and simple design. Does it somehow scream Mulberry Mabel?

Another similar bag but in brown. I thinks they're pleather.

Glasses: loving the square-ish design. 

And what it looks on the catwalk...

(pix from mangoshop.com and various sources)