Going Gaga Over Gucci!

Confession of a shoe-aholic. That's the perfect sentence to sum up my infatuation with footwear. And to add to my shoe collezioni are these Gucci black leather moccassion. So what's hot? The brand, really coz I'm a Gucci fan. Gucci footwear is always about 2 thing: the boots and the loafer. I've had Gucci brogue zip-up boots before, so this time I'm thinking of getting the moccassins or loafer, whatever you wanna call it. But I don't want just any loafer, rather with the immaculately designed horse-bit-like buckle or with tassel. Fortunately, I got both. 

The one with horsebit buckle is given hi-shine finish making it gleam (but not too gleaming like patent). The buckle look so chic with very symmetrical, black metal design. The other with tassel looks very classic but with a twist - the heel is in tortoise-shell! The tassel make it looks very dressy. Both fit gorgeously as if it was made to measure my feet. The feel, the smell and the texture of the leather are just amazing. And the best part, I got them at massive discount!

Another thing I like about Gucci: they come in golden box with all the golden wrappings, plus golden shoe cover bearing 'Gucci' label. 

They say the devil might wears Prada. And I say: the rebel wears Gucci! Voila...

My Gucci horsebit moccassin

Gucci tortoise-shell tassel loafer

Time To Slap On Those SPF!!

UK hospital has been put under heatwave alert coz they said the temperature gonna go above 30oC. Plus the London Underground is also installing some those big industrial fan in most stations coz down there it's estimated gonna hit more than 45oC. Fooh!! It's kinda being in a massive oven in the city of London now.

With heat alert, pollen alert and not to mention flu alert too, one thing that should be ignored is the UV alert. With clear blue sky and hot weather, it's easier to get skin burning. Well, it's OK to be tan, but it's a sin to get skin cancer. :D

To protect my skin from all those UVA and UVB, I kinda stock the Clinique SPF 30 suncream. Very effective. It's quite clear, the cream does not feel runny and most important it doesn't leave mark or smudge the skin. Plus, I got a free mat that goes with it. Perfect!

Next thing... should I sunbathe? Hmm.. no thanks!!

Clinique SPF 30 suncream

The free mat

Me & My Burberry Tote Eureka Moment

I bought this Burberry black and white check tote last year during summer sale. Very simple and practical. And the most important, it fits my 10" Fujitsu laptop back then (yet, still fits my new Samsung N310!). But that's not the point of the story.

Today, when it was scorching 30oC hot I thought I might sling the bag again. Coz it's canvas, so make things inside the bag breathable and not heating up the gadgets inside. Still, I have a problem with one part of the tote and don't know what's the use of it. It's the kinda strap at the back with some stud on top of it. It's been months I still dunno how to use it.

Suddenly as if there's a eureka moment when I went to the toilet and need to put aside my Londonpaper. Where should I put it while I'll wash my hands? Voila, as if magic happens I wrap those paper with that strap, and fasten the hole on the strap to the stud! As amazed as I am, I finally found the use of the strap! Alas..

It's true you find idea while in the bathroom. :D

The strap at the back of the tote
The leather strap is folded and fasten to the stud! Voila...


Summer Sale Highlight: The Armani 'Hybrid' Laced Shoe

I wrote about this shoe before. And when it suddenly went on sale, I rushed to the Armani store @ New Bond Street to grab one. Unfortunately, they ain't stock in. So what did I do? Shop online instead. And with promotional free delivery by Armani it was finally arrived last week in a ginormous black box (not the airplane black box, silly!)

Say hello to my new Emporio Armani lace-up shoe. I'd like to call it the 'hybrid' shoe. Why? Coz it's a combo of canvas and leather. The body is canvas, while the trimmings and shoe laces are all leather (and the inner linings too). Fit? Gorgeous! In fact the day after it arrived, I already gave it a test drive by going shopping at Sloane Street (which find me grabbing the Hugo Boss boots). My new Armani shoes really does me justice. So comfy, doesn't heat up my feet (coz it's canvas). And with the synthetic sole, it is even better. The look is very chic and understated. 

The only thing I wish, please don't let it rain outside. Or my Armani will be soaked to death!

The huge delivery box is 3 times bigger than the shoe box itself!

My 'hybrid' Armani lace-up

Synthetic sole with Emporio Armani emblem

Shoe Galore: Giorgio Armani SS'10

The new Armani shoes that I previously got will definitely set a new trend in footwear come spring/summer '10. A trend that is way different compared to previous collection so far (I think..huhu). 

Yes, snakeskin is making a hissing return to SS'10. And yes, there may be nothing new with broque lace-ups either. Yet this time there's a new twist. While summer '09 designers seems to go with two-tonal front and side brogues, Giorgio Armani SS'10 collection is given horizontal contrast. The toe cap and back body is given darker shades exotic skin feel, leaving the mid-section with matt color contrast. The choices of color is also uber cool, with brown/beige, choc/tan and black/white versions. 

Other shoes that's quite interesting are the snakeskin trainers and the weaved leather lace-ups resembling the traditional oriental baskets. Also the other reptile skin lace-ups which I can't tell either baby alligator or black adder skin. LOL! Btw, they're all looks dazzling!


Summer Sale Highlight: La Dolce (and Gabbana) Vita!

Sometimes things happened when you least expected it. That is exactly what happens to me when I went to Westfield last weekend. In my 'Pod, there's these huge list of things I wanna get from the stores there. From the sandals from Topman and shades at River Island (that I mention in this blog), to some possible bargains at H&M and Cos... among a few. But damn! None happens.

Then there I was on my way out from the supermegalo mall when my feet suddenly make a beeline towards House of Fraser which ironically located at the exit. Hmm.. why not, maybe I could find something in there. I seldom shop at HoF coz the items there are too highly priced, eventhough it's a "highstreet departmental store". But, btw.. my story is. As usual, the first 'section' that I went in any sale is the shoe department. While scouring the blah, blah and another blahs footwear on bargains (I dunno what brand they were), suddenly I got strucked by this black patent lace-ups. OMG! It's Dolce and Gabbana! And It's on Sale!! (Massive price slash that I can't bear to imagine).

And thank God, there's one in my size? Do I get it then? Bet I am, coz opportunity never knock twice (I think). Eventhough I got quite a number of patent lace-ups, this one's Dolce! :D When the shoe fits, the design is right (well I'm making excuses to myself, LOL), what not to grab? 

And there goes my bank balance... la dolce (n gabbana) vita!


Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer '10

What can I say about Dolce & Gabbana SS'10 collection? Mixed bag actually. One part there's glitz and glitterati, another part understated chic. As far as mixed bag is concerned, the fit also comes in various range: from slim fit top and blazer, to slouchy trou. Colors palette seems to stick to the staple white, black, grey and denim blue.

Some of the interesting picks...

The whites: I like the combo of grandad long-sleeve tee with waistoat. Look very urban chic. Also the contrast V-neck jumper. White always repels the heat during summer. :)

The white suits looks amazing with slim fitting cut.

The ripped denims: It seems that it will make a comeback. The feel is bit slouchy and relax.

The dinner jackets: from plain one lapel suit donned by Sean-O, to horizontal stripes on the right.

The black and white: The grandad shirt with black hem looks amazing. This will definitely copied at highstreet!

A staple of Dolce & Gabbana - the bling bling suit: All the gliterrama with some embellishments are always Dolce's signature.

The swimwear: worn by Jesus Luz and David Gandy, this will definitely become a hot trend again next SS'10. One person that'll definitely wore them? Cristiano Ronaldo. Period. :D

Overall? Nothing so spectacular in my point of view. A bit bland and not a usual OTT Dolce's collection. But one thing for sure, Dolce & Gabbana SS'10 will introduce the a new trend in men's accessories - the mlutch (the male version of clutch), that is seen held by some models.

(pix from mensstyle.com


Summer Sale Highlight: Who's The Boss?

OMG! I was totally gobsmacked beyond surprise indeed. But esctatic at the same time. I stucked to me and still do when I read what Londonpaper said in the previous Monday issue: Hugo Boss Sale starts 25 July. That'll be like... another month. You cannot be serious!! (sorry Andy, again!). But last Wednesday after making my way back home from the meeting with head full of non-existance mathematical engineering figures to solve, I grabbed those Londonpaper again and suddenly fixated to this side column: "BOSS SALE STARTS TOMORROW". Are you kidding me?

Fret me not, I am so excited that Boss Sale is not on another month, but this month. So, yesterday I made my 'journey' to Sloane Square (the quiet street of massive designer labels) where Hugo Boss massive store is. My intention: to get that Boss Redstone white tote bag that I even put on the left pane in this blog (just for inspiration to get it LOL!).

Unluckily, it's not there. Damn it. The bags on sale is like... two thousand years ago perhaps. It's the typical Boss leather bag. Hmm.. ok then. I was about to walk out when suddenly I found there's a basement level. What? Nobody told me there's a basement level! So, went in and there's a huge arrays of bags and dressy shoes and sandals and suits and more, more, more! Yet no Redstone tote :(

While I was about to walked out again, suddenly my eyes caught something. It's the BOOTS! Voila.. I been wanting to have a boots from Hugo Boss coz they're amazing. And with this one, it ticks all boxes. Pointy front? Check. Zip-up? Check. Brogue effect? Check that too. And black leather? Hell, yeah.. check that either!

The leather is so damn soft. It's Italian-made (which is always THE best). The sole is not clunky or stompy, rather low profile that I love. The cut and design... I'm just speechless. Fantabulous! I can't keep saying 'I love it!!' when I tried them on, that the salesgirl can't keep grinning. LOL! She even mention I should try a smaller size than I usually wear coz Boss shoes is slightly a size greater than usual (meaning I should try size 9 even if my usual shoe is 10). And she's right. And with everything so perfect; this one's coming with me home (the boots, not the salesgirl). And the best part. It's on SALE!!

Voila.. there go one more boots to my credentials.

What Londonaper said on Monday issue

What Londonpaper said in Wednesday issue.

BOSS stamped on the top of the boots

The inner lining is given pinstripe stamp 

Uber cool zip-up with scripted BOSS

The brogue effect

.... and fit damn fantastic!


Summer Sale Highlight: I've Been 'Snakified'

If there's any such word as 'snakified' - which I mean got hypotised by the beauty of the snakeskin. :D

Last week when I went to Selfridges in contempt to getting some shoe on sale in mind but turned down badly by the arrays of bad shoe variety; well, things doesn't seem too bad after all. I whisked myself off from the shoe department, and make way to the bag and accessories dept. But, hell no... still the prices doesn't fit my budget for the day. Nggg... Then, suddenly as if a halo come along (cue Beyonce's Halo, LOL!). There I am at the lower ground floor where the stationery brand, Ordning & Reda located. I just wish they got massive discount on the denim laptop sleeve that I want. Yet again, no. They don't

While flipping some of the gorgeous range of other laptop sleeves like the leather and Louis-Vuitton-lookalike-Taiga-leather sleeve, suddenly my eyes got fixated to these lots stored under the table. WOWSA! What a surprise! Things that I've been looking for these while. It's the laptop sleeves in snakeskin!! It's python! Holla..

And the best part. They've been slashed off to more than 50% making it final price of £15. You must not be serious! (Sorry Andy Murray I borrowed your line). Without thinking any much longer, I snapped them up coz they've already limited. And mind you, snakeskin is hot, hot, hot trend for summer (as croc skin for autumn/winter).

So, does it any good? Bet, yeah. The size is for 15" laptop (eventhough my Samsung N310 is 10"). But who cares coz I can also store A4 papers nicely in it, and flaunt it while making my beeline into the meeting room. LOL! Btw, there's double zipper which will open flat, and it's padded for good protection. Plus there's even inside pocket too making it much better. The texture of the skin is so real (even if the material is just pleather) with gorgeous python design.

And that's not all. I also snap some snakeskin card wallet in dark green which is so perfect for my Oyster and student card. Plus, the A5-sized pouched in similar texture and color. Just amazing. And the best part.. they're all less than a tenner! Voila...

The python laptop sleeve

It's by Ordning and Reda

The inner pocket, with padding.

My A5-sized python pouch

Python card wallet


Gucci Fall/Winter '09 Now In Store!!

Oh man, there's loads of people queueing outside Selfridges last week when the store hit their first day Summer Sale. Queueing for what? For the Gucci concession outlet in Selfridges to be exact. Coz the bags and accessories and stuffs being slash up to I-dunno-how-much from their original price. More than 50% I reckon! Damn...

Well, summer sale might just kick start last week. While most of us (like me esp) scouring for bargains, some designers has already stock new items for Fall/Winter. Hmm.. that early?! Yes, indeed. Like Gucci. I am a Gucci fan through and through. Not like Louis Vuitton, Gucci is more of an affordable luxury to me. And under Frida Giannini patronage, the collection getting much more exciting season by season. More provocative for any alpha male. 

And talking about new collection, boy am I loving these bags. This time around Gucci has turned sombre. With urban grey, gunmetal and black, and some beige and tan in store. Canvas Guccissima is still seen in its traditional color (beige/gold). But my own shortlisted stuff are these lots: Small tote in gunmetal crystal GG lamé fabric with black web and black leather trim, the black leather holdalls and the medium tote in black GG coated fabric with black leather trim. To finish off the provocative-meet-rock-n-roll look, the tote and holdalls were studded and given a black braided chain bling bling. Very cool. Better yet, it is seen straight off the previous FW09 show.

Hmm.. next thing I will do: starts saving. Coz they don't come cheap! :D

(Size: 34 x 13 x 36 cm)

(51.5 x 26 x 29 cm)

(44.5 x 22 x 29 cm)

As seen in previous FW09/10 show
(pix from style.com and gucci)