iPod Sporting Camera? What A Great Idea!

Not enough with the rumor that iPhone Nano gonna hit the shores next month, there's another rumor circulating around the Apple geeks. New iPods gonna have built-in camera! Wowsa.. what a news.

Rumor has it that the new iPod Touch (3rd Gen) and Nano (5th Gen) gonna have a camera like the one installed in iPhone before. While the new iPhone (which is gonna be launched soon) gonna be upped to 3.2 MP and slightly thinner, the iPods will come with a flashless camera. How's Apple gonna positioned the camera on the already little and thin machines, let just hope it's gonna be flawless. But by looking at the leaked pix from iLounge, the camera is somewhat placed in an awkward location. Errkkk...

And talking about Nano 5G, the screen is having a revamp too by getting bigger with 1.5:1 aspect ratio. While the Click Wheel is retained (meaning no touchscreen), the size gonna be a wee smaller. 

When do we expect to see those camera on iPods? Just wait between July to September. I'm definitely going to their flagship store @ Regent St to catch a glimspe!

P/S: They said you should have an Apple a day. I said let's have an Apple a Generation (if u know what I mean). Mmm... iPod Touch with camera.. delish!

iPod Nano 5G with camera (pix from iLounge)

Fashion For Charity: H&M Did Fashion Against AIDS Again

H&M is indeed the highstreet king of collabo! Last month with Matthew Williamson, this month with some other big stars. All in the name of Fashion Against AIDS. This is the second time they did the awareness campaign. Last year they did it with Rihanna and Timbaland (among others). This time around the collection is getting bigger and much more massive. Talking about star power, eh?

So what's hot? The tees are designed by the likes of fashion designer (Katherine Hamnett), singers (Katy Perry, NERD, Moby, Tokio Hotel, Roisin Murphy, Estelle), and other celebs like Yoko Ono and Dita Von Tesse (stripper? mmm....). The tees are supposed to create awareness about AIDS. Buy this tee and quarter of the price will go to the youth HIV/AIDS awareness projects wroldwide. The tee design has a slight retro feel to it with lots of white, bright colors and grafitti-like prints. Some has very bold slogans scareaming the message loud and clear (as if people has eyesight problem!)

Well, as usual I've gone to check 'em, try them and get my verdict on coz the pix in their H&M website always deceiving. To me good T-shirt is always about the sleeves. Too Buzzlightyear means a no, no. Too tight, then I can't get my arms in. And any tee should be worn slightly fit, not too damn loose. Or I'll just wear a raincoat then. 

So my verdict? The Moby alien-like man design is cool but too young. The 'eyes' is kinda glow-in-the-dark too. Errkk...not good. And the fabric's too thin. Katherine Hamnett's is OK coz the sleeve and overall fit quite good (eventhough the fabric is kinda washed out). Yoko Ono's is a no, no to me. Tokio Hotel's is the best. Skull print is very in trend. And I love the slogan "ROCKHARD F**KSAFE". Very rock-n-rolla, LOL!

And oh, the tees are made of organic cotton. So, eco and charity..what a great combo!

Katherine Hamnett 

Moby (L), NERD (M, R)

Roisin Murphy (L), Tokio Hotel (M), Yelle (R)

Yoko Ono

...and my fitting room pixs..

Some of my picks

The label

The 'Official' Fashion Against AIDS Tee

Katherine Hamnett's blue marl design

Katherine Hamnett's grey design.

Moby's design

Yoko Ono's design

My pick of the day! Design by Tokio Hotel.

Skull print is very in at the moment.


My Shoe Galore: Burton Perforated Leather Plimsols

It the trend that make me down to my knees. The trend that is also seen in the previous issue of SHORTLIST. (Damn, they must be good in promoting them). When I visited Burton last week during the Oxford Street VIP Day, I finally get my hands on the leather plimsols that they talked about.

Alas, when Burton did 'Free Shipping' during the Bank Holiday Weekend (plus another 10% off for student discount), I don't wait long to snatch it right away. And voila, when I returned home yesterday.. the parcel was right there waiting for me! Yeay!

So, what's hot about the shoes? It's perforated - meaning giving my foot to breath during the hot summer days. It a combo of leather uppers and fabric lining (which is great). The design is so simple: no perk, no embelishments, just very understated. Yet it looks chic and could be a neo-classic! And the color is just fab: off white. Meaning it won't gleam too much in the sunny weather.

What a great purchase. That's 3 new shoes in a week! Holla...

My Cool Laptop Sleeve from Cool Bananas

It's laptop sleeve talk again. This time I'm gonna show you the laptop sleeves that I've bought from amazon.com. Two very cool sleeves from Cool Bananas. One in neoprene, the other in synthetic leather. Actually I'm very sceptical in purchasing anything from Amazon, coz in my previous book purchase... it got lost in the mail. And they can't even trace them, nor pay me back. But this time, I said to myself - well, let's buy something cheap. At least there's not much to lose.

So the laptop sleeve that i bought. I know that I'm very particular in finding stuff that I want. But these lots, they're just tick all the boxes. What I love about them is the understated look yet chic. The one in neoprene really reminds me of the Gucci laptop case that I saw before (eventhough Gucci's is in canvas version). It has the black double zipper (always help) with white hems along the edges. Very cute, very chic. And since it a neoprene foam, they really protect my Samsung N310. What's better, it really fit the machine very well. And it matches my Topman black razor jacket too!

But why settle for one if I can buy another cool sleeves. This lot on the contrary is designed like an envelop. The website said it's made of leather. Uh uh, it's not! It's pleather (synthetic leather, PU). It has the magnetic flap that opens like a traditional envelop, with suede-like lining. It really fits any 10" netbook out there. Very cool, very understated, very unique. And in a glance it does look a bit like Aspinal document envelop too!

The best of all, they're all cheap! What more can I ask for?!


Louis Vuitton's Uber Stylish Laptop Sleeve

It's been almost a month now that I've used my new netbook - the Samsung N310 (I'll get my review on it soon). The very tiny and cute little machine that is so uber stylish. Unlike my previous Fujitsu ten-incher that came with a free laptop sleeve, this Samsung doesn't. It means that I have to buy a separate one my own. Not bad though coz I can select what I like based on my own taste!

Talking about taste (high taste one!), what better to keep my netbook in this uber stylish laptop sleeve by Louis Vuitton. They come in their infamous canvas version: one in Damier Canvas (the brown/gold check design) and the traditional monogram. Both have foam-lined protective compartment that is lined with microfiber with embossed 'Louis Vuitton' on the inside. It opens flat with the golden brass double zippers (talking about color match!).

Size? The Damier Canvas only comes in one size that fits 15" laptop or less (15.7" x 12.2" x 2.2") while the Monogram Canvas comes in two sizes - for 13" (13.8" x 10.2" x 1.8") and 15". Well, that's quite massive given that my Samsung N310 is just a ten-incher!

I just wish they could do it in Damier Graphite in 10". Hmm.. wish, wish, wish!

LV Damier Canvas

LV Monogram Canvas

My Shoe Galore: The Pinstripe Plimsols

Another week and another pair of shoes. It was last bank holiday weekend during the Oxford Street VIP Day, I made my way into Burton @ Bond St Station. Well, the intention was to check out the white leather perforated plimsols that is covered in SHORTLIST. Dees it really matched to the expectation? Plus, I wanted to see what's new and what's hot in store. 

So there I am, wandering like a fool among the crowd. Flipping the clothes on the SALE rail, then feeling those new shirts on Black Label racks. And those white perforated plimsol that I mentioned. Damn, it IS quite good actually. That's why it's in SHORTLIST Style. The design is what I crave for - very understated yet chic and great! Should I buy it? Hmm...

While I was going gaga on the plimsols, my eyes (again) made an lusting stare at the two 'NEW' shoes on the upper shelf. What!? I love them! It's the pinstripe plimsols in black and grey! Very cool, very chic, very I-can-do-casual-on-suit kinda footwear. In fact they're made of the fabric to make suits. Very clever. 

Suddenly my mind made a decision: I HAVE TO GET THEM! And guess what? Two days after that they're finally mine (with additional student discount, yeay!!)

Hmm.. another week, another shoes added to my 'SHOE CV'. Lovely!


The Londonpaper Style: Lightweight Jacket

The very cliché and unpredictable British weather. One day it's scorching hot sunny day, the next its pouring down like a shower. I know that it's getting on my nerve so badly now that I wish I could just whisk off to any tropical countries. Not only the temperature changes all the time, but it's hard to plan what I wanna wear on the next day! Sometimes the night before I laid out some pieces that I might expect to wear, but voila... it's never gonna happen coz the weather changes. Hmm... gotta be really patient.

So, the Londonpaper Style issue got an answer for that. Wear the in-betweeners - the jackets of course. From the harrington to parka to baseball jacket, anything can do. When it's chill, slip the jacket on. And when it's not just take it out. Since it's spring/summer the material choice seems to be lightweight. Lightweight cotton, nylon or other synthetic mix. Wool? definitely no, no. Otherwise you'll be sweating like a pig.

(The Londonpaper, 26 May 09)

My Shoe Galore: I'm Doing The Boatie

I been talking about boat shoes for many many times now. Well, what can I say I just love them. The idea of having a casual footwear with that strings that goes thru some part of the shoe is just unique. I don't really like the typical boatie - the one with square front. They're just hideous. I know it's on trend, but that's just not my thing.

So when I stumbled upon these boaties from River Island a couple of weeks ago, I just can't say no. I know, I know... I'm a bit of a shoe fetish. Can't get enough of shoes! That's why I bought these two lots coz they're damn cute on the feet.

What I like about them? The pointy front with quite low profile. Not low profile personality-wise, but it lies quite low to the ground (you know what i mean). Material? Cotton. One in denim and the other in white cotton canvas. Hardwearing? Yes. Comfy? You bet. 

The most important, it looks damn good with shorts. And oh, it is meant to be worn without socks! Summer...here I come!!


My Jaspal Canvas Tote

Sometimes great things happens when you less expected it. Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I visit One Utama KL a couple of weeks ago during my spring break. After more than two years not visiting my fav shopping spot I stumbled upon something that I've been wanting for so long.
Taking a stroll at the 'Highstreet' wing at One Utama, suddenly my eyes fixated to the bag on the display window at Jaspal. OMG, is it what I think it is? It's Burberry lookalike tote bag! Something that I've been eyeing for a long time (but don't wanna spend a trillion for). I make a sudden beeline into the store. I asked the salesgirl to have a look on the tote. Yes, it does resembles Burberry SS09 that I once saw on the web (and in my prev blog too). From the design, the material combo (leather and canvas) - it just look the same.

There are two versions: the one similar color as Burberry (sand and croc print brown leather) and the grey/black. I chose the grey one coz it is much more masculine. And chic too. The leather trim is just nice. Very croc. The fabric of the tote is hardwearing. The bag is quite spacious too. There are two magnetic flap to secure the bag, plus one in the middle as well. The hardwares are brass-colored, match everything with the bag. And what I like about it, the price is way too cheap compared to the Burberry's.

I've been using it now and then for almost a month. Do I love it? You bet!
Burberry SS09 Catwalk
My version from Jaspal

Everyone's Doing The 'Drille!

Its been a while that I've seen the highstreet stores been flocking these kinda shoes. First it was Topman with their version of rope thruout. Then Zara did it. So as Office and the online store Asos. Something kinda wierd to me to see the sole is made of rope. Or is it fiber? When I check what is the name of this type of shoe - voila, I got the answer. It's espadrille.

Espa what? Quite wierd name given to the wierd kinda footwear. But since its the new trend, it might as well worth checking. And thanks to Wikipedia I got the definition..

Espadrilles are casual flat or high-heel fashion sandals originating from the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material moulded to look like rope. The jute rope sole is the defining characteristic of an espadrille; the uppers vary widely in style. In Quebec French, however, espadrille is the usual term for running shoes.

With loads of 'drilles out there, some look quite OK. Like the one at Office that came not only the traditional look espadrille but the one with laces as well. Quite a nice twist. And I love the one by Asos cos they kinda look similar to boat shoes (hence they name them boatadrille). Price varies though but most starts from £10. But if you like the designer version, check out from Hermes.


What To Wear Now: Black and White and Fab!

I am a huge fan of black and white. I think I got the ginormous collection of b&w in the entire universe (of an average Joe, of course). The definite color-clash-slash-opposite-attracts look just amazing and will compliment any skin tones, any body size, any style. In fact my room is also splashed with b&w. From the rug to the bedding to the curtain (and dinnerware too, yikes!).

So, what and how to wear b&w? It's a no brainer really coz you can just mix it up just like that. But keep it to the minimum. To have a great chic impact ala Chanel, keet it simple. White top with black pants, or black top and white pants. Well, that's what I wore today when I hit the Oxford St VIP Day . And with matching white leather plimsol and black croc tote - it's just screams 'HOLLA!!'

And looking at the Style section in the Men's Health mag - isn't it just fab! Nothing more than chic, chic and chic! The combo just amazing: White pants and blazer + black jumper and belt. And to top it off, there's b&w boat shoe and polo tee. Very chic-tastic!


Uniqlo + Gilded Age: Does It Really Worth It?

Uniqlo's Designer Invitation Project (DIP) continues with the capsule collection by Gilded Age. Gilded Age? Yes, for some of you (and me, definitely) the name never ever sprung to attention. Probably because I'm not aware of New Yorkers' fashion style. The brand is said to be synonym with 'deeply environmentally conscious, casual luxury brand committed to organic, handcrafted and artisan approaches to fabric and product development' (well, that's what Uniqlo website said anyway) 

So when I visit Uniqlo this morning (for my morning weekday shopping trip), what did I find about the collection? Well, in short: BBC - Boring, Bland, Crap. despite of all the abovementioned bla bla bla.. the range really a shock to me. Is it a joke. There are more loathed than liked.

Take these supposed-to-be-grandad tee, they look like they've been in store room for ages. Too vintage (good for those who like it), too unshapely, the fabric is wrong, the design is.. I don't have to mention it. Eco? Organic? Maybe. Artisan? Are you kidding me?

And then there's these jackets. It look kinda what people who know nothing in fashion would wear. The cotton feels too heavy. The cut? Not that I like. Plus with the three buttons, I deffo scream 'NEXT!!' 

And this shorts. Damn! Is this casual for outdoor or meant to be worn to bed? Yes i understand their take in organic, but fashion wise (the look I mean) gone downhill. With the texture of the fabric, the fit etc.. there's something not right here.

And this shirt is too heavy too. The cotton is perhaps too rich making it looks and feels cheap. I think with one wash, the color will fades. The fit? Too loose. (Is this meant to be worn by fatso?)

But despite of some bad stuff, the only thing that I thought worth looking for is these shorts. I think these lots really in-trend. They're tailored kind (i.e SS09 hot trend). The fit and material are nice too. 

So, I think the DIP between Uniqlo and Gilded Age doesn't really makes it cut. Who exactly Uniqlo aims for this collection, I'm really confused. And I'm not surprise at all if the collection would go straight down the bargain rails in another two weeks!


Gladiator Attack (Again)!!

It seems that everyone is doing gladiator shoes. Look at what I found at Topman! Isn't it gorgeous? It look very similar to the one at Office (in which I've got one). But the only different is that with this one the multi-strap wraps high up there, with not just 2 but 3 buckles. Really way above the ankle. (Mid-calves, perhaps?) Splendid. This is what the real gladiator look is all about!

They come in two color options - tan and brown. But I love the brown one. Very cool. Both are Italian-made leather. And as the name is gladiator (true one, I hope), it is flat (no heels, that is). Well, I'm really tempted! I did check out at Topman site today, they've already gone, gone, gone! 

But when I visit their store at Oxford Circus, man.. there's one problem. My feet couldn't fit them. It's a bit narrow. Plus, the front seem to be diagonal and too wide. And the leather look a bit blah. Hmm....

SHORTLIST Style: Polo Shirt

They said that polo shirt merged between being too formal and too casual. It somewhere in between. Now polo shirts are not only being worn during Casual Fridays (or Saturdays for some of us too), but has been a staple for any men's wardrobe. I used to shun then coz most of the polo shirts are too 'Buzzlightyear' (if u know what I mean). The sleeve is too wide open. Especially when you buy the one in piquet material (the one that feel too coarse).

So, SHORTLIST has lined up some of their choices out there. From designer to highstreet labels. From budget price to the one that will burn hole in the wallet. Btw, to me it's all about fit (of course, it has to be cheap too). And thank God I've found great polo shirt at Burton in wool mix. Very slim fit. Very limited quantity too. The most important, the sleeves wrap the upper arm very well (waiting to be flaunted :)).

(pix from SHORLIST Issue 80)