Sunday, 19 April 2009

Trendspotting: White Jacket with Black Piping

It's white wash again! Seen during D&G Spring/Summer 09, the white jacket is set to become a new fad. Not just plain white, but with a contrast black piping on the lapels and the pockets. If last time I already bought the black jacket with white piping, I think this white look damn chic as well.

D&G version may stretched my wallet far too much to own their piece, but I found quite a copy at H&M and Topman (again). The one by H&M looks very regatta with thicker hem on the lapels and pocket. But Topman's version is a bit thin and looks sharp (hence they call it razor!) and slim fitting. Another difference - H&M got 2 buttons, while Topman's one. 

Hmm... I'm spoilt with choices. Which one should I buy? Or I could've just snapped both! ;)

H&M (L), Topman (R)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mango Did Solidari-Tee

Charity and fashion can't be separated. From Fashion Relief done by Naomi and co two years ago, to Fashion Rocks to the (RED) products by Armani, Gaps and Converse. Reaching out to the less priviledge people in the name of fashion has never been out of style.

Latest to join the bandwagon is HE by Mango. The did these charity tees nicknamed Solidarity T-shirts to signal their collaboration project with the Articulo 1./ Foundation, whose principal aim is to spread the message of the articles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through art. And the outcome - tees in black and white (and another in brown) - the for ever chic colors. The prints are subtle and simple yet attractive. Not that tacky like some others who did silly print tees for SS09.

Price? Less than 20 quid - that you can afford to pay plus help those people in the name of charity as well. So, go on... get one!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Malaysia's Men's Health Mag Need Resuscitation!

Holla! I'm back in Malaysia (for a short break, of course). I'm really in dire need to get away from hustle bustle of London. Out from the unsettled British weather. Escape the claustrophobic underground Tube. In to the hot (but great) tropical paradiso, Malaysia.

But oh, am I missing something here? Of course, the fashion part. I couldn't separate myself to the marvellouso London's menswear fashion scene. The for ever growing trend haven for the urban alpha male who like to look good. When I touched down to KLIA, the first thing I did is visit the nearby bookstore to take a glimpse of some man mag out there (the lifestyle one, not the *ehem* :)).

So what's my take? Hmmm....

Men's Health mag, for example - after my two years away, I found that this mag is nothing near the UK or US version. Very bland. More like a highschool style of reporting. Quite 'jumbled up' with immature outlook. You can find the 'exercise' part here and there, instead of in special 'exercise' section. Fashion part is absolute and ridiculous blah. It doesn't even entice me to find and buy the stuff on display. Plus, the stuff that are shown is just plain expensive. Where's the cheaper version? And the choice of cover model (for this month, that is) is... no comment! And what's up with the MH Message Board. Very space and cost wasting - Small and uninteresting pix but loads of empty spaces. The articles are too damn long. We men need shorter and concise but very informative indeed. Not a plain novel like!

I was hoping the standard really could be up there with UK version - very thick and attractive; articles are concise but informative, the presentation is fab, and the fashion part is amazing. Even the way some photo is taken is just so wonderful. Since UK (or in London, at least) men are chiconomics, there's even choices to pick cheap ensemble without sacrificing style.

Yet, M'sian version is too f**cking rubbish (and expensive). So my word to the MH team - heal this mag please!

Debenhams Collaborate With V&A for Spring Prints

Spring is all about colors and prints. Out with the sombre mood clothing, in with the fun, flirty wear. Talking about prints, many designers and highstreet stocks floral prints. Think the infamous Liberty prints with the subtle floral designs. I dunno why I kept mentioning Liberty prints. Maybe because the designs is chic, rather than flamboyant and too tacky.

During my trip to Debenhams for their Blue Cross Sale (that's 70% Off thingy), my eyes locked to some floral shirts near the escalator. Nice one. Upon checking the shirts, it is actually the collaborated effort between Debenhams and Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

V&A is famous for the art installation. Not the typical art like Tate Modern or Tate Britain, but rather something from the previous centuries like David sculpture from the Roman Empire, the Gothic architectural piece etc. And since Debenhams is one of the store chain that as it's own designer collabo, their team had taken inspiration fron the V&A archives and came up with these lots.

So the results - white shirts with very subtle prints reminisce some of the artwork on the French pottery (like the toile). They are not too flamboyant, and you can wear it to the office too. Give it a go with some plain tie (print tie would add to being too busy) and coat worn over it, voila! You get a cool look. Talking about bringing a cool and non-traditional approach to the boring office wears. Elevating your fashion stakes, but not sacrificing your professionalism. ;)

(pix from debenhams.com)

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Looking East: SEED Spring/Summer 09

My fav brand in Malaysia fashion scene - SEED - has come up with the new collection. Funny enough though they seem to have the collection for all season - autumn/winter and spring/summer. I thought that M'sia is just one season (or two) - hot all year, and raining now and then.

Btw, talking about SEED, their clothes are always cutting edge. By the time they start doing some man bags two years ago, that is then I realize they are the one to look for in M'sia's fashion trend.

So, what's hot and what's not? Quite similar to the one in the West though, splash of colors. White, blue and pink is the palette of the season. Slim cut pants, a very short shorts, the Ivy-league inspired knitwear and surprising enough, the cardi with piping hems are all the key look.

And what do i like? The white bag, definitely. I think I'll check 'em out while I'm in the country right now. SEED, here I come!!

(pix from Padini.com)

Monday, 13 April 2009

Feeling Sporty: Baseball Jacket

I'm feeling sporty again. And to continue the sporty juices and this season's American-inspired sportswear, I'm looking for a sport jacket. No, no.. not tha blazer. But the baseball jacket. I know last time I talked about the H&M baseball jacket - but the material is a turn off. I'm not a fan of nylon clothing. I wanna something like a sweatshirt material - the cotton type. Or better yet, lightweight cotton like my Uniqlo hoodies.

Then it brought me to the one at JD Sports. The McKenzie baseball jacket. Looks so cool with the elasticated striped ribbed edges on the collar, cuffs and hems The multi popper button look very baseball, very American. The material - jersey fabric and has a super soft fleece lining for extra warmth and comfort. 

McKenzie is an exclusive brand at JD. The jackets comes in 3 colors - charcoal, grey marl and black. And I know which one that I like - the charcoal. Very urban and versatile. And quite affordable (less than 30 quid!). 

(pix from jdsports.co.uk)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Feeling Sporty: L.I.F.T Me Up with Puma (and my verdict)

I am in the quest of finding a perfect sport shoes. Dunno why I felt so sporty. Maybe because the ray of sunshine finally appear that oozes all sorts of sporty juices out of my soul. And probably because seeing everyone here starts training for the upcoming London Marathon in late April. Even the busty glamor model, Katie Price aka Jordan became a fad runner, so what not to be sporty right?

I wanna something of a lifestyle shoe. Something that fuses sporty and fashion. Something that is versatile and can be worn anywhere. Something that is comfy and light.

Hail the new Puma sport shoe - the L.I.F.T Racer. This piece of technology is inspired by the PUMA H Street and features a innovative construction epitomizes lightweight running. It is called L.I.F.T - an acronym for "Lite Injected Foam Technology" that helps to improve comfort and performance. It features a breathable upper in a mix of mesh and perforated synthetic panelling, a lace up fastening and branding on the side and toe. 

What is so cool about this shoe is its weight - a mere 175 g! That is lighter than a Big Mac or can of soda or even a banana! They come in various color combo. But I like these two - the black/white and yellow/steel. Look very urban. 

But, there's only one problem. Upon my visit to JD Sports, the shoes look kinda cheap in real life. When I picked up the shoe, it felt like holding a polystyrene cup (PS is also foam-injected). And the finishing such as the color is painted quite bad. Not a clean finish. Hmm.... dunno whether worth buying. :(

What to Wear Now: The White Stripes

One part nautical, one part chic. The white stripes is hitting the trends for spring collections. Not big bold stripes, rather the infamous Bengal stripes - very thin and not too flamboyant. 

Like the jacket by H&M that I bought last week in white/grey stripes combo. Cotton material and lightweight. As I mentioned in previous blog, they are quite flattering - the fit and cut is amazing.

Topman also did some stripes jacket like this blue/white combo (as well as pink/white..eew). Looks good too, eventhough much pricier than H&M. 

An to add to that is the white/grey stripes scarf by Esprit. What's so cool about it is the gradual color look. The material is lightweight cotton - meaning won't cause your neck too sweat-tastic!

Friday, 10 April 2009

H&M New Collezioni: Colors, Light, Nylon and all in between...

What a pleasure of midweek shopping stroll. Having the college closing down for Easter break, there's none other activities to fill in other than having a weekday stroll at highstreet.

This time I make my way to H&M Oxford Street that also undergone renovation. Cooler interior, more manageable and looking much like a high-fashion store. And loads of new stuff too.

What's hot in H&M now? Colors, colors, colors! Like these slim fit shirts in burst of colors like dark pink, yellow and green; as well as in monochrome. They're quite light, both in material and fabric (I mean sheer). But the cut is great. Loving it!

Also in stores are these nylon baseball jackets in red, black and white. American-inspired sportswear is huge this season, and these jackets are cool. The material is quite ok eventhough they're not my cuppa latte. I wish they did it in cotton like the sweats. Then it would be even cooler!

And the prized collection of the season would deffo be these grandad shirts. I've been looking for nice grandad shirts for quite sometime, and voila... H&M did it this time. (Careful on what you wish for..). The cut is amazing, the fabric is lightweight cotton (eventhough a bit sheer) and the price is great! Very affordable and I snapped 4! Mwuahahaha (evil laugh)!

Overall, great collection, great colors and great price. That's what H&M is for - Habis Murah!

P/S: Can't wait for Matthew Williamson's collection to hit H&M soon..

Thursday, 9 April 2009

New Look's New Colors!

It's color time! New Look menswear collection has stocked some colors for their cardis. Very skimming look with cotton material. Loads of sorbet colors like aqua blue, taxi yellow and candy red as well as prune and lavender . They have this deep-V neck and looks cool when wearing with a vest or deep V tee underneath, and wrap the neck with light scarf. Plus, they are machine washable too.. and affordable!

And that's what spring is like. Colors, colors, colors!!

P/S: Still waiting for Giles by Giles Deacon collection to hit stores soon...

Harrods Canvas Shopper: Shop In Style, Save Environment

Ever since the Mayor of London campaigning on saving the environment last year, I start to reduce the use of plastic bags. And with my free YSL canvas shopper that I got last autumn, what more stylish shopping my grocery could ever be. They are foldable, light, durable and reusable. And under the 'reuse' banner, I even got extra Green point whenever I use the shopper bags at Tesco or Sainsbury's.

To add to the 'saving the environment' message, I check out these canvas shopper bags from Harrods. Very stylidh indeed. There designs really catch my attention coz the prints are marvellous. From the paisley/batik-inspired Opulence range in teal and pink, to the Union Jack 'Made in England' tote in teal and red.

Since they're from Harrods, what more stylo could you ask for? Come on, save the environment. As Tesco says - every little helps...

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Today I'm Thinking Of... Whisk Off To The Island Retreat

London weather sucks! Very unpredictable, sometimes raining, sometimes hot and most of the times very chill. Isn't great to just whisk off myself to the tropics during this time of the year (eventhough it's now raining too) and get a lush retreat in the island. And I'm thinking of the islands in Malaysia, my home country. Land of grace and multicultures...

Say hello to The Datai, located in the heart of a jungle (or hutan) in Langkawi, Malaysia. GQ April issue stated this IS the place to be for holiday. Far from the hustle bustle of the crowded city, away from the too cramp tube and out of the foggy air pollution. In to the most gorgeous and serene design that any resort could ever offer.

What's so amazing about Datai is it's location. In the heart of the jungle and by the deep blue ocean. Very shipwrecked, but stylish one. The decor.. oh so damn amazing. Very opulent that fuses traditional Malay kampung with the Zen urban interior. On the outside you got the teak wood frame, but on the inside you get the flat screen TV. What more fusion could you ask for.

The rooms comes in various types - the double room, superior villas, corner & end suites, pool villas, pool suites, the very special Datai suites and very unique Hutan Suites. Depending on how you can stretch your wallet, the room is yours to stay. I really love the Hutan Suites - looks amazing by the small river run by its side. If you feel like doing Puteri Gunung Ledang-style bath, then the suite is so damn perfect.

And if you're hungry, feel free to dine alfreso. The sky is your roof, and the jungle is your wall. Wow, so damn hot.

The Datai is surely the place to have the island retreat!

(pix from ghmhotels.com)

Document Envelop by Aspinal

You work in the office, then you have to attend the meeting every now and then. And you need to carry pile of shits.. oops.. sheets of paper with you. What an embarassment could it be if suddenly you tripped and the pile of documents just splashed all over the places!
So, what to do? Buy yourself a folder, then. And in searching for a nice document folder-slash-laptop case, I found this one by Aspinal of London. The document envelop in brown and black leather.

They call it envelop coz it looks like one. The leather looks dashingly good with the croc skin print. The interior is lined in Aspinal's signature contrasting mouth watering suede (red for the brown leather, cobalt blue for the black one) with a 1.5 inch gusset to allow ample room for storing documentation. A additional silk lined pocket is provided on the back to separate particularly important papers and is made with a quality Swiss zip.

The leather envelop has been designed to hold documents and sheets up to 12" x 9" and will fit a US legal size pad.

Overall size of the envelop: 10" (H) x 13" (W).

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Adidas Looking East London

Last weekend the sun really shining bright. Temperature scorching to 17oC, making all Londoners ditching the frumpy wooly jumper and go light. And this time of the year when I start thinking ...wouldn't be nice to just jog in da park and not wearing the boots anymore. And then I start thinking, hey where's my trainers? Should I get a new one?

The simple answer is yes. And I found the perfect trainers by Adidas - my ever fav sports brand. (I'm not gonna wear Nike anymore after my last nighmare!). Talking about Adidas trainers, what better to wear something that looks very cool and sporty, yet fashionable. And something that is very original and special.

Enter Adidas Active Adi EC1. EC1? Isn't that... err East London? Yes, you heard it right. If you're familiar with the City or Spitalfields (the famous market) then the postcode is really stuck to your mind. This tribute trainer is an innovative collaboration between Office and Adidas that merged sports performance and fashion. Also a merge of sporty and street look. The EC1 springs into action with functional sports influences including a mesh body frame, statement Adidas "three stripes" and a seamless silhouette. And since I wear only Adidas trainers, I know this one is very comfy too.

They come in various color combo - like white, grey, brown, green and navy. Also for different material like mesh fabric on leather (or izzit PU?) as well as suede. And oh, since it is exclusive collabo there're only available at Office and Offspring (the UK shoe store, that is).

Hmmm.. I'm thiking of getting that white one. Delish,,,

Row Row The White Boat....

Dolce & Gabbana said - Trend is for a month, Style is forever. And taking the inspiration from the saying, I'm looking for a perfect trend for spring/summer - the boat shoes. And making it not becoming just a trend, a style instead, what more perfect could it be by having a boat shoe in white. Very classic and timeless. And very chic too.

Scouring the net took me to some of the choices out there. The one by Paul Smith, Evisu, Asos, Banana Republic and Topman. 

The one by Paul Smith and Asos looks great. Nice design with the slightly pointy front (as what I normally like). The boat shoe by Banana Republic look chic with the light grey (if not white) with its simplicity. And Evisu also did a great one too (minus their red trademark). All of them are leathers with rubberised sole.

But I like the one by Topman. Very low cut and pointy front. And it's a canvas - meaning the foot won't be too sweat-quenching in the hot weather. The only problem - canvas is prone to dirt and slightly high maintenance (you gotta wash it, and tooks time to dry!).

Paul Smith (top), Evisu (bottom)

Asos (top), Banana Republic (bottom)


Monday, 6 April 2009

Seeing Blues At River

Synonim with the Monday blues, River Island seems to stock some blue collections in store. Aqua, turquoise, ocean... you name it. Very light, very fresh, very spring/summer. From cardigan, to jumper, shirts and polos. 

Me, I like the contrasting blue cardi.

(Pix from River Island website)