The Return of the Ladiator

The Ladiator sandal is gonna make a return this summer. Yup, the lad's version of the gladiator shoes (hence the nickname 'ladiator') is gonna be big again next season on the men's footwear. Last year, the sandal is a tad subtle. Not even gone to the ankle high, like my Mango Amaro sandal. Only the women's galdiator, they've been brave enough to have it till the mid-knee high. But this time, it seems the ladiator gonna make a reign by going to the ankle.

I'm in the mood to get one too. Upon checking out some out there, the one by Poste @ Office look devilishly good. I like the double buckle, securing the foot well and not slip easily. And the best part, the back of the foot seem to be 'free' - meaning blisters on the back foot can be shunned since there'll be no 'rubbing' with the pad. Besides, the front is 'opened' - freeing the toes to the world. Woohoo! (Wish they have in black too)

The other ladiators out there include the one by Asos. Overall look is okay, but I don't really like it coz the back foot is not really 'backless', plus the front is not 'toe free'. Yet they're cheaper and the woven leather looks great. Aldo also did quite cool similar to Poste, but still not backless.


Going Gaga Over Gingham!

I really love gingham. The small checks design really catch my attention due to it contrast, yet subtle features. It's not too bold like the normal checks or buffalo checks (aka lumberjack checks). Nor it's too tiny not to be seen.

So who's done nice collection of gingham?
  • Topman - for their latest range of jacket, including the slim fit gingham. Love it!
  • New Look - for the gingham skinny tie, and their choices of shirts in navy, grey and red gingham.
  • Marks and Spencer - their luxury gigham shirt (which is currently on SALE!) 
  • River Island - for the slim fit gingham shirts in black/white and purple/white.

And black and white is always my favs :)

Issey Miyake's Twelve Watch: When Simplicity is Just So Chic

I am really a big fan of Japanese designs. From Daihatsu-influenced car (my Perodua Kancil and Kembara), to my Muji canisters to over half of my wardrobe from Uniqlo. Why do i like it so much? Well, it plain simple. No perk, no elaborate stuff - just plain simple. The designs really speak for itself.

And to add to that Japanese "pure and simple" theme is the Issey Miyake's Twelve watch. What's so special about it? For start - it's pretty simple. Just leather strap, round body and no numbers to indicate the time. yes you heard it right, no numbers. But what is cleaver about this watch is the dodecahedral, or 12-sided, shape to help the thing serve its primary function (that's to give the time, smartypants).

The watch is designed by Naoto Fukasawa, who used to design for Muji (that wall-mounted CD player). They come in 4 variety: stainless steel or grey casing, white or blue inner dial (or whatever you call it), and black or brown leather strap. And for men, the casing is a tad bigger than for women. Price starts at $400.


Highstreet Vs. High End: Exhibit 8 - Blazer with Piping

The hottest trend for blazer this season would definitely be the one with contrast piping. Blazer in black with white piping. Looks very edgy, sharp and chic. When I hit Topman last 3 weeks, I know I've seen the exact designer one. And yes, I'm right. It's Dolce & Gabbana's.

While Dolce's may cost me a merely weeks of rent to pay for, the one by Topman doesn't break the bank that much. Perhaps, it's a fraction of the price. Overall look is similar. The only different might be a bit on the lapels. And the fabric; Topman is a polyester/viscose mix while Dolce & Gabbana's is satin. And, River Island also copy similar look, but theirs is in grey (with white piping).

Btw, both are deliciously edgy!

Dolce & Gabbana (L), Topman (R)


The Londonpaper Style: The 2 Cs

The color trend of the season - cobalt blue and camel. Those two dominate most in the previous SS'09 catwalk scene, both in men and womenswear. And GQ in March issue also stated that these color would deffo be the cool ones this season (READ: This season, coz it's already Spring/Summer!)

Yet, one thing for caution: Combine it together. I still cannot compute why. Probably the electrifying blue could be soften with the cool camel. Talking about opposite attract, indeed.

Btw, am I ready for those colors? Bet I did. I have that Mango cobalt blue bag, plus the camel cardi that I bought long long time ago. And also, my skinnies in tan. Can't wait to shock the street soon!

(The Londonpaper, 24th March 09)


Reiss Spring/Summer '09 Lookbook: Part 2

Reiss SS'09..continued. With great collection of casual jacket for spring, chinos, tailored shorts and knitwear. And talking about knitwear, they're quite fab. I check them out at Selfridges a couple of weeks ago, and the texture is great. Cut and fitting very nice indeed. 

Their bags collection, sadly say, is too bad. I rather like their previous AW 08 collection. This time, design is not flattering at all. The waved canvas bag look too cheap - not the price, but design wise. :(


Reiss Spring/Summer '09 Lookbook: Part 1

Reiss is the highstreet brand with an edge. And when I said edge, the price is also on the end part of that edge of highstreet. Together with Zara, they are the high end version of highstreet brand. 

This season, they return with great cut and fit. Variety of menswear staple - suit, shirts, spring jackets and tailored shorts. Colors very spring 09 - and they play with a lots of camel, tan, sand and ochre. Just like Burberry SS'09.

The only thing that I wish - if they could bring down the price. Then surely, their collection be widely received by the masses. And btw, I really like the white jacket.

Micheal Kors Autumn/Winter '09/10

Micheal Kors is huge on the other side of the pond. Not just a fashion designer, he's also a regular in the Project Runway show, alongside with Heidi Klum and that lady from Elle magazine (whatever her name is) judging on the creation of budding designers-to-be. I like MK's clothes coz they are practical, wearable and edgy, eventhough at first glance might look too basic. But that's what chic is all about - simple.

For autumn/winter 09/10, the color stick to the classy black hues, and the range of browns - choc and camel. And grey is always on offer due to its urban feel. To inject that edginess, there's lime, yellow and orange. On the cut, MK has put the power in power dressing. Very chic and edgy.

And I like those shades. Very Lady Gaga.

(pix from mensstyle.com)


Seeing Double: Ally Capellino Nylon Tote

Ooops, I see it again! Imitation is really a form of flattery. The last time I wrote about Zara imitating Dolce & Gabbana nylon tote bag, not it's time the London famous bag maker - Ally Capellino to follow suit. 

Well, at first glance it struck me striaght away "Wow, what a Dolce!". Similarity is on the overall look. The two front pocket with flap cover, the detachable shoulder strap and the fabric - nylon. Of course there's some tweak here and there to make it their own design. Instead of zipped pocket, Ally did with stud. And the color is what.. plum? Aubergine? Doesn't really matter. But the combo with brown trim is a nice touch.

And compare it with my Zara nylon tote. Doesn't it look the same at first glance? (I wish I could have Ally's design in Zara's color combo. That coule be interesting)

(pix from Asos.com)

My Zara nylon tote in Navy/brown


Accessories @ HE by Mango

I know I've been talking about HE by Mango too much. I admit I can't help it coz I think this time around the collection is better. That include the accessories. Simple, practical and sensible (Whatever that means!).
So what do they have for SS'09? There's the suede loafers in various colors, light summer scarves, wallets, cuffs, bags and sandals. Colors? Very next season - pink, camel and cobalt blue. When I said sensible, the one in these ad campaign look really good in real life. That woven sandals looks very Bally SS'09.

The others like the shit-looking nylon bags (I've reviewed before), thank God they don't put it in the ad campaign coz those are really crap pieces (but, they might be excused anyway)

And oh, talking about I love this season's accessories, I do own that cobalt blue tote bag. Great bargain. And another travel bag in cream. Delish. (Yet I'm still waiting for the other tote in dark brown)

(pix from Mango.com)

SHORTLIST STYLE: Spring Trend Part 3

The last in the Spring trend by Shortlist is the Eco theme. What pops out from your mind when you think of the word eco. Mine would definitely think "Green" or "environment", without a doubt. 

One designer did the best in "ECO" is Chris Bailey for Burberry. To me the trend screams 'English back garden shed', there you go. Cool pallettes of beige, ochre, moss green and sky blue, giving an edge with a graded tone.

Apart from Burberry, how can I emulate the theme?
  • HE by Mango definitely is the closest, with the similar overcoat design and graded color cardigan, as well as H&M and COS with the same simple jacket design. For long cardi, check out the one by Uniqlo or Muji.
  • Pants: H&M did great collections of earth tones.
  • Creased ones: Since creased or wrinkled clothes is in (not wrinkled skin, you silly), COS did it the best. So as Muji.
  • Tee: we are talking scoop neck. Zara did a nice one with great texture. Topman also has a nice range of scoop and deep V neck tees.
  • Bag: Without a doubt Burberry is the best, despite the price. :(


Today I'm Thinking Of... CONVERSE Grey Canvas Plimsols

Last night could be frosty cold but that doesn't deter me from thinking ahead for summer. With temperature scorching record high to 17oC last 2 days, it seems that the mercury would definitely hits even higher in the summer. 

And talking about summer, what better time to give a break to the leather boots. I really have to say adios to my fav Gucci, Dior and Zara Chelsea boots for a while coz with high temperature in the summer, those feet would sweat to death. Not to mention it would get damn smelly too! And it would give a perfect chance to slip in the canvas plimsols. I'm thinking of grey canvas. And low cut. And my fav Converse All Star, of course.

OFFICE does a massive collection of Converse. Everything from leather to canvas, hi or lo, plain or even colorful. As far as grey canvas is concerned, I like some of what they have - the washed, the double tongue (with Zebra stripes underneath) and the mix hi-lo one. Too young? Maybe. But they look fun.

But, as I like simplicity - I think I'm gonna get the one at Topman. Simple, yet the texture on the fabric make it looks cool. And talking about cool, canvas definitely can cools off the feet during summer. At Topman, I can even get a discount. What more can I ask for! ;)

Converse Grey Canvas @ Office

Converse Grey Canvas @ Topman


Blazing Glory

Out with the wool coat, the blazer is now the right choice for spring. Big trend for this season definitely screams 'regatta' or 'marina'. With contrast edges and slim cut. For casual feel, do a bit of zhoozh on that sleeves (meaning: take the sleeves up, show off the skin!). And for edgy look, wear a deep V tops underneath, and finish it up with some neckerchief or light scarves wrapped around the neck.

My highstreet pick would definitely be the the razor blazer by Topman. With contrast piping and slim fitting, it feels very Dolce & Gabbana, sans the price tag. When I do the turn-ups of the lapels, it looks scorching hot. No wonder I got some winks and flirts in the Tubes and on street last week. Sssss... I'm loving it!


Roar with McQueen for Puma Sneakers

During the Paris Fashion Week last week, McQueen wowed the audience with a high-drama and wild abandon presentation more fitting to a museum than a wardrobe. The models are sent-off on the catwalk with a theatrical-feel ensemble wearing accessories like lampshades and wheel cover. As accentric as they may seem, the designs are well cut and extraordinary.

Talking about McQueen, the designer has long collaborated with Puma. Latest to the additions are the rib-cage sneakers. Taking influence from Alexander McQueen’s main fashion line and strongly inspired by both human anatomy and architecture, the AMQ X Puma Ribcage’s engineered mesh upper recalls a network of tendons and veins, while a “ribcage” of luxe, molded leather lends structure.

The lace-up active sneakers are made of breathable fabric stitching and a unique leather stitch detail. Supported by a thick, clear rubber sole for extra comfort. The end product - a premium piece of trainers.

Price? Not cheap. Expect to pay £200! And, I'm loving it...

Object to drool for: BMW X6 SUV

On my way to the college last week, suddenly an SUV passed by. My instant reaction - WOW! What a car! And upon checking the rear, there's the label - X6. BMW X6, to be precise.

I am a big fan of SUV. This design is very aerodynamic and streamlined. Not ur typical BMW either - very robust looking and fierce. Such a beautiful piece of engineering design. 

This is definitely my type of SUV.Drool.... :-P~~