Mango to Tango with Adam Lippes-oh!

Mango's menswear - HE (Homini Emerito) - is gonna get a top designer collabo this March with the capsule collection by Adam Lippes. Who's he? Lippes began his career in public relations at Ralph Lauren, and trained as creative director at Oscar de la Renta. Now, with his own brand Adam, he's part of the prestigious fashion council and has had his collections exhibited in Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman.

So, what's the big deal with Adam Lippes for Mango? I think it's gonna be great with the injection of simple chic American look. Or even fusion with some Yankee-Spanish appeal. But judging with these pre-collection pixs, yes they do look simple. Yet, the hues of grey that dominates the color palettes is very urban. The suit kinda cool too. So as the half-buttoned top. And I will get the leather sandals anyway (rumoured to be only £35).

I'll wait this weekend to take a tried-and tested session again at their Oxford St. store if they gonna stock it on the rails.


Japanese Car: A Celebration of Design

We in London is a bit blessed coz there's so much museum we can visit to. There's Victoria and Albert Museum for some ancient art installation; Tate Modern for modern art; Tate Britain for the immaculate Brit's art and Design Museum for anything from fashion to architectural design. Most are free entry, what more better than that.

Adding to the list is Science Musuem at South Kensington that currently holding the exhibition of Japanese car design. I love cars, and I like Japanese design. Theirs might sometimes look quirky but Japanese designs always be up there and cutting edge. The cars on show is a mix of futuristic as well as plain looking. Expect lots of white to be on show. Clean, simple, pure and chic. Very Apple iPod too.

There's Toyota i-Real for one-man maneuver. It's a cross between a cosy armchair and a moped. Then there's Toyota iQ - probably stands for uniQue (dunno what's unique in their specs anyway). The Nissan PIVO2 look like a freaky alien. And the cube-shaped Nissan Cube that I previously saw at British Motor Show last year and on the street at Embankment previous weeks. As quirky as the car designs, the promo poster also look kinda awkward. Bit like a sperm. LOL!

The exhibition ends mid-April. I think I'm gonna pay a visit this weekend.

(Pix from sciencemuseum.org.uk)


Kurt Geiger Albert Brogues: Too much pastel...

I don't know how to react when I see the Kurt Geiger's Albert brogues. The design kinda cool, but the color is a bit off. Too pastel. Too girly, especially the pink one. The material - suede - is really not my kinda thing coz when you wear it during rainy season, then you'll guess what's gonna happen. Soaking wet. Not cool at all.

Another thing - where should a man wear this shoes? To the office? At the beach? I still can't compute in my overloaded brain.

GQ Mag this month said it's gonna be the new big thing next season. As much as I love brogues, I think this one I'll pass.

Seeing Double: Imitation or Running Out Of Ideas - Part 2

Again, it's the case of 'imitation is a form of flattery'. Now it's the shoes - the Penny black and white loafers, to be exact. Seen at both highstreet and online stores. Look similar, but not the same. The difference? Price. The one by Kurt Geiger cost almost £200, while YMC @ ASOS cost just below £140.

Both are leather. I like Kurt Geiger's Fletcher Penny loafer better because of its smooth trim and almost seamless hem. The one by YMC is a bit casual coz the thread is kinda showing a bit. Btw, I like black and white. Very chic to wear for any evening function. Formal dinner perhaps?

Kurt Geiger (L), YMC @ ASOS (R)


Seeing Blue: Cobalt, Electric and all in between...

Roses are red, violets are blue... Blue blue bags, I love you. LOL!

The coveted color for next season - blue - is seen everywhere now. Designers has stocked them in their men's bags collection. Cobalt, electric and all blues in between. From the material of the season - nylon, to cotton canvas to leather. 

So who's gone blue? Emporio Armani goes nylon for the bowling bag. Bottega Veneta in leather, looking very simple yet luxurious. Marc Jacobs did a bit playful with blu cotton canvas and prints. And last but not least, Bill Amberg @ Notting Hill has come up with their striped, canvas collection which is avilable in loads of colors including blue. Like the Clipper rucksack.

And today is Monday. Do I have any blue(s)? Yes - my HE by Mango cobalt blue tote. Yummy.

Not-so-new News: It's London Fashion Week!!

New year, new season, new collection. Alas, London Fashion Week hit the capital last Friday to showcase the trend for Autumn/Winter 2009/10. The main event that took place at Natural History Museum, South Kensington (not in the museum silly, but at their 'lawn') as well as at other venues around London where some catwalk shows will be held.

So who to look for during the 5-days event? The Londonpaper listed out some of hot designers to make their mark:
  • Vivienne Westwood - The Grand Dame will took on Anglomania to the greatest height. Expect some avant garde collezioni (flamboyant tailoring, tartans and mohicans)
  • Twenty8Twelve - It is meant to be the start attraction, coz it's owned by Sienna Miller and her sis, Savannah. Famous for sophisticatec garment and with vintage yet contemporary feel.
  • Luella Bartley - famous for it's trademark tongue-in-cheek preppiness, with a nice sideline of floral prints.
  • Giles Deacon - proven to be bankable due to his line snapped by New Look and Harvey Nicks.
  • Christopher Kane - whether Kane gonna come up with flamboyant, outta-this-world collection (like his flower petal dress for SS09), will remain to be seen.
  • Erdem - a red carpet fav with the dress that exudes femininity.
  • Marios Schwab - dubbed as the 'Creator' due to his creatively used of material and add-ons such as 'rope' on a Grecian-look dress.
  • Jaeger - one of the highstreet fav trendsetter.
  • House of Holland - for quirky design and bold, clashing colors.

Predictions for AW09/10? Probably the designers will come up with design that screams 'economic downturn' or 'credit crunch'. If Micheal Kors already done it in New York last week, why not London to follow suit. And for start, credit crunch already hit the Fashion Week. Less models strut the catwalk, food being cut and minimum champagne flowing (good, at least follows what the Muslim do - no alcohol silly!)

P/S: Looking forward for MAN by Topman show. The only coveted menswear collection to be showcased in LFW.


Uniqlo Opens At Selfridges

Uniqlo finally gone upmarket by opening its first consession in the super-classy, uber chic mall, Selfridges. Opps, but wait a minute. It's not the whole collection, rather only menswear is available on the First Floor of the mall.

It opened on Saturday, the 21st February. What better for me to check out what's hot and what's not in the newly opened consessions in Selfridges. So I made my way to the store as early as 10.00 am yesterday morning (it made its debut on 9.30 am, so I'm 30 min late). Feeling rather confused as I'm not sure where exactly it is located in the mall. After asking the lady at the reception, she told me it maybe located at the Casual collection. That mean it is on the South Side.

And there it is. On the South side of the mall. Pass through the Underwear section, it is neatly tucked at one corner. Nearby Topman. 

Is it any good? Yes it does. It may sound biased coz I'm a big fan of Uniqlo. The arrangement is splendid. Though small area, but it is colorful. Quite a number of staples like chinos, UT T-shirts, new shirts and belts collections, and their infamous jeans. 

Any new offers? Bet it is. As part of their opening promotion, most of the items are given a discount. And the most prized bargain find is the new Japanese-made denim. One word to describe: Splendid. Great cut, great fit and great price (discounted). The material so damn good, it resembles the one by Evisu and Tom Ford. While Evisu may cost at least £150 and Tom Ford a min of £400, the one at Uniqlo only cost me below £30. What a price. I snapped two coz I can't believe the price. (Always buy 2 if u like it and can afford it). As the line in the Shopaholic move said - worth every penny!


Similar, but not the same

It's the job of the highstreet stores to come up with the copies from the designers. Whether right from the runway or from the designer catalogs. Now, even the highstreet stores seem to have a similar items stocked in their stores.

Exhibit 1: The leather sandal with high-back (i dunno know what is the real term). The side on the back of the heel is bit higher. Previously seen at YSL and Margiela. Now Diesel (left) and Mango (right) have similar designs, with Diesel a bit pricier.

Exhibit 2: Block monochrome sweater. Seen in Topman (left) and Mango (right). Look may be similar but material wise is different. Topman is an acrylic-merino mix, while Mango is a cross between cotton-jersey/cotton-cashmere which can also be 'felt' at Uniqlo. Price wise? Topman is cheaper.


Red Carpet Talk: Shopaholic Hits London!

It's 16th of February 2009. It's the premiere of the Confessions of A Shopaholic in London! The most anticipated movie of the year, perfect for all the shopanistas out there.

The joy of living in London. There I am, standing among the crowds in front of the Empire Cinema, Leicester Square armed with my Canon EOS450D neatly tucked in my YSL tote bag. It may be winter, but that night the weather was perfect. It was mild, with the clear sky making a great time to attend the red carpet event. Oops sorry.. not red, but fuchsia carpet. And the most perfect? I am right at the front line - making my view even better.

So who's coming? There she is - the leading lady - Isla Fisher looking cutely demure in Jasmine De Milo little-black-dress and Jimmy Choo 'Seattle' heels. She's so petite as if you can just pick her up and put her in your bag. (Who can imagine she's just delivered a baby) And with that dress and killer heels, she rocks!!. And she's sooo lovely and make her way towards us for some autographs... nice.

Her leading man, Hugh Dancy was there too. Looking great in a slim-fit suit. What a nice English lad, and he even thanked the crowd for coming to the event. And he's not that tall (as or less tall than I am)

And who else? Jerry Bruckheimer, Beverly Knight (singer), Duncan James (ex-boyband), Nicola McLean (2009's I'm A Celebrity... star), VV Brown (singer), Jo Wood, and many more. All in glitters, glamour fashionistas.

And oh, there's also Liz McLarnon (ex Atomic Kitten) looking gorgeous and very tall in real life. She's lovely and even shook hand with me! And last but not least, the writer of the novel - Sophie Kinsella - looking very fashionista in Alexander McQueen from top to toe, matching the fuchsia carpet.

The crowd is also being entertained with a catwalk show prior the arrival of the star. And the highlight of the runway... the model clad in none other than shopping bags bearing the movie title 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. Classy!


New Bags @ Burberry: Canvas Totes

There're new bags @ Burberry. In for their Spring '09 collection. The ribbed canvas tote in sand color (or nude if you like..) with smooth, chocolate leather trims. Available in two versions - one with a medium size and the other in slightly larger.

The medium (or they call it small) has a large patch pocket on the front and a metallic plaque engraved with the 'Burberry established 1856' trademark inscription fixed with rivets above pocket. There are two flat leather handles, plus the detachable leather strap which gives you the flexibility to either handcarry it, slung on the shoulder or across the body. The top opens with one snap button and two leather belt closure. On the inside, there's one zip pocket and three patch pockets. Size: 40 x 40 x 12 cm.

Medium canvas tote

The slighly larger one is previously seen during their menswear SS'09 catwalk show. Overall design look similar sans the front pocket. Size: 52 x 33 x 23 cm with a 33 cm drop from top of strap to top of bag.

Price? Nggg... I'll lose two-months rent if I buy it. But from previous experience of having Burberry canvas tote, they are really good. Their patented coated canvas is quite waterproof. And the leather trim is buttery smooth. Worth buying!

Large canvas tote

P/S: Me still waiting for the this Burberry check design... don't mind losing two-months rent ;)


It's Trilby Time

Panama hat, gangster hat, normal hat ...whatever you wanna call it, is synonym with urban style. In the like of Notorius BIG or Blake Fielder-Civil or RuffEdge, trilby is quite famously worn during the summer. Not just covering your barnet from the summer heat, it look uber stylish stylish too. Btw, who wanna be caught wearing the stupid sombrero making you look like a apek jual kacang botol eh? Or the non-stylish baseball cap.. so high school.

So, what's in stores? I make my trip the the two highstreet store famous for the trilbies - H&M and Topman. H&M did the hat in two versions - cotton and straw. The straw is very light and airy, and it has this woven mat-like look. The fit, well not really look good on me coz it's slightly big. The one by Topman is better. Good fit and very urban. They comes in wool and cotton. Btw, HE by Mango also come up with some trilbies in the burst of colors like yellow and blue. Price? Mostly below £15. Affordable, and the most important.. stylo.

Just watch me out during the summer! 

Trilby + cropped pants + sandal + shades = cool!!


Bally RTW Collection for SS '09

Bally is usually known for their immaculate footwear and bags, but recenly has even introduced a new range for ready-to-wear (RTW) as part of their collection. Latest to hit their online site is the new Spring/Summer '09 for menswear. 

I think the designs are inspired from Morocco, where most European go for holiday anyway. Color, more towards muted side with hues of greys and browns, as well as staple black and white. Kaftan seems to make its way next season, in the infamous Moorish/Moroccan prints. The one that is quite catchy is the cropped length pants. Kinda look like a make version of YSL harem pants. Sandals and new leather woven belt are also in the range.

Expect Zara or Mango to come up with the cc soon...

Also making its way for the new ad campaign, supermodel Christy Turlington has graced the shoot for their new SS '09. Looking devilishly good as always, she does defies the age matter. Nice. Whoever says you have to look old as you aged is just plain bonkers..

(Pix from Bally.com)