Bags Galore: Burberry Prorsum Autumn/Winter '09

Burberry Prorsum seems to escape from their traditional tartan design. In their Spring/Summer 09 at least they inject some big-checks design in some of the tote bags. But this time, they disappear. Also, as cliche as it can be, they stick to the sombre brown and black (again..). Nevertheless, their tote bag designs look good.. all good. The material - I think most of them are canvas, coz they are famous with their patented coated canvas - with leather trims. And no signs of croc leather... (maybe all crocs has gone on strike LOL!)


Bags Galore: Bottega Veneta Autumn/Winter '09

Bottega Veneta is well known for two things - the '20s/30s influenced suit (the wide legged pants) and their woven leather bags (like the pandan mat). For the next Autumn/Winter '09/10, Bottega's bags gone slightly different - instead of woven leather, they did stiched this time (is the term correct..I dun care). Designs are a bit luxe I can say. The color, as also shown by other designers, stick to brown and dark grey. The leather looks buttery soft. They also showcased the croc skin bag (expect price to be well beyond £10,000!). 

(Pix from Style.com)

I'm Ready for Summer: Part 1

The agony of shoe shopping online. You saw something, you like it then bam.. you hit the "ADD TO BASKET" icon. Then you pay. The next thing is the anticipation. Waiting for the parcel to be delivered to your door. After days I've hit the purchase button on Yoox.com, finally my new sandals for summer has arrived. Voila. 

It's really a pure gamble. Gamble on the size that I should buy. Gamble not knowing the exact kind of leather used of the sandals. Gamble of being unsure whether my card will be accepted. Alas, the gamble really paid off. Say hello to my new sandals from Black and Diesel. Black sandal in err.. black, polished leather, and Diesel in white leather. Both got straps - the new ladiator (male version of gladiator sandal).

My verdict? The pics say it all. Amazing fit, amazing design, great price. Plus, they are all Italian made. What more can I say? The one from Black is my favorite. Simple but chic. the polished leather is really hi-sheen and incredible. The leather is sturdy. And the heel in rubber (or izzit synthetic) doesn't make me slip when walking. The one in Diesel is great too. The leather is so damn soft, like no other. Plus, it's in white - the summer next BIG color. Both are from leather that I can wear (not like that Pierre Hardy's GAP sandal that I bought and have to return last year!)

Now, I'm ready for Summer. Bring it on...


Blabberiffic: iPod... I Do!

I'm drooling to get one of those. And I did. Now I'm a proud owner of the new iPod Touch!

A day after I wrote that I'm thinking of getting one and taking advantage of pound sterling plummetting to the lowest low, I head down to Apple Superstore at Regent Street. There it was, shiny shimmery iPod Touch on the display table. The desire just can't be controlled. But... wait a minute. My mind suddenly ticked. I can't just buy it without comparing the prices. Where can I checked the price of other store, my mind just wondered.

But hey! It's Apple Store, dude. With the wireless connection available in store, I picked on of those Touch on display and voila... suddenly I'm online. Checking here and there, at John Lewis, Currys and Comet. Which one's better? Hmm.. at last everyone just offering the same price. Finally, I made up my mind. Apple Superstore it is. Eventhough just one pound pricier, at least I could get one of those Apple bag!

So, after almost a week with Touch, my verdict? Amazing. What a great gadget.

  • The flip of one pages to the other is uncomparable! The scrolling from top to bottom of pages is so damn flawless. And pretty quick too.
  • I have to say I love the calendar feature. With the alarm, I really help a lot. Now my life is so much manageable (I think..).
  • The App Store is superb. With the choice of gazillion applications, paid or free, iPod is really making other PDAs run out of their money. Now I can read the iQuran with the flick of a finger! And plays Solitaire.. and Hangman.. and learn Arabic.
  • Video playback is great. Now I can watch the video podcast anywhere. No need to go to that UCL Lunch Hour free lecture anymore!
  • Look ma, I can surf the web! Plus there's YouTube, Map and Mail icon waiting to be poked. (Provided I'm in the Wifi spot)
  • The music playback... oh so much better with volume rocker and the speaker on. No need to plug in the earfone anymore. (Hmm.. talking 'bout annoying the Tube commuters..)
  • The best of all.. it's super skinny compared to iPhone!

The only drawback? It's not smudge-free. Damn fingerprint-philic. That's why I'm currently slipping it inside the Giorgio Armani mini pouch (of my Samsung Armani). What more designer can I say.

Me and my iPod. Match made in Apple Store. I do...

Mulberry Spring/Summer 2009 Bags

Mulberry has now ready for Spring/Summer 09 collections. Nice range of bags with new colors like berry red and green (though I'm not really keen on green). There's also a range of canvas bags, with leather trims. But their brand new collection has gotta be the Taylor - part tote, part messenger bag.

My fav has to be the Elliot tote - in white leather. Very practical, either the tote or holdall. Deliciously tempting...really tempting!

Taylor tote

Elliot tote

Elliot holdall
(pix from Mulberry.com)

Bags Galore: Prada Autumn/Winter '09

Remember the lines in the 'White Chick' movie - "It's not just a bag. It's Prada!".

Yes, Prada bag it is. For Autumn/Winter 2009/10 they went for a very structural (and maybe, quite basic) design. Some look reminisce the famous doctor bag. The color choice seems to stick to the plethora of sombre colors - dark brown and black. Yet, there is some interesting twist - a fusion between nylon and leather, giving it a unique outlook. There're also variety of leather - 'scratched' grained and plain hi-sheen leather. The bag handles are quite short, suitable to hand-carry rather than to be slung on the shoulder (maybe can with the detachable strap). Overall, they look quite professional (and chic too, of course).

(Pix from Style.com)


Bags Galore: Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter '09

Louis Vuitton is without any doubt the father of all designer bags. The craftmanship, the design finish, the look and the signature 'LV' made everyone gasping to get their hands of owning one (including moi). Mentioning LV bags alone made anyone goes ooh, aah.. due to the.. ehem price that would left you gagging with mouth wide open.

Straight from the Paris runway, Louis Vuitton has showcased new arrays in their Autumn/Winter 2009/10 collection. I think they are quite splendid. The new designs are different compared the previous (or current) Autumn/Winter collections - they are inclined towards unleashing the inner femininity in any urban alpha male. So, what's new?
  • The LV monogram is taken to a new level - in black leather, choice of holdall, tote and briefcase. 
  • Even the classic brown monogram canvas range is given a new twist - with quilted honeycomb facade and some with leather trimmings.
  • New Damier Graphite carryall, resembling Damier Graphite Leoh.
  • And the most fun in the range - the shopper bags in gleaming deep indigo, maroon and silver. All with the signature LV monogramme.

Mmm.. tempting. I'm gonna start saving from now on.. ;)

(Pix from Style.com)

Bags Galore: Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter '09

Exotic skin. That is probably the right word to use when describing Dolce & Gabbana bags collections for Autumn/Winter '09/10. Showcased in the famous fashion capital, Milan - the coveted designer label displays such an arrays of immaculate, very structural and outstanding designs of their men's holdalls.

The alligator print is always synonymous with Autumn/Winter. With many designers using the croc skin, none can match the authenticity croc like D&G's. Even though they share quite similar boxy look, but the detail is what it counts. The texture of the skin is smashing. Black or brown or even grey colored croc leather, all so fantastico. They all screams luxury beyond comprehend. (I dunno how many croc has to die in making all those totes LOL!!).

The bags really look delicious... mmmm...

(Pix from Style.com)


Bags Galore: Gucci Autumn/Winter '09

The northern hemisphere is now officially in the winter season. In London, it may not be snowing (it's all about raining..), but on the other side of the world it probably does. Talking about new season, this year's Fashion Week has kicked off at Milan showcasing the Autumn/Winter '09/10 collections. One of the most gazzetted runway gala is Gucci. As interesting as the clothes being put on show, the accessories took their center stage too. What better to make a huge fashion statement other than having gorgeous bags.

Gucci bags - back to black. Amazing looks with embellishments and quite ornate with the addition of chain, studs and braided handle. Material looks so damn lux with the use of leather. Some plain black, some with exotic print like alligator and snake. If I may say, the bags look partly rock star, partly chic urbanista. 

I know what I want: The black Guccissima tote. Better watch out end of the year...

(Pix from Style.com)


How Not To Wear: Short Sleeves Tee and Polo

This is how not to wear the short sleeves polo and t-shirts. I think it's very funny everytime I see poeple wear tees or polos with the arm so wide that you can put another one in. The arm is so damn 'out' there like an airplane wing as if you're ready to fly off to the air. Worse if that when you walk the sleeves start to sway or flip out and about making you look like a seal!

To me wearing anything is all about good fit. As long as I can fit 2 fingers (maximum!) through the sleeves, then the tee is perfect. Too wide open, you'll end up looking like Buzz Lightyear 'to infinity and beyond'. Too tight, then you'll look like a living plastic-wrapper. That is why it's so damn hard to find a good tee.

Me don't wanna 'fly to the moon' like these fella in the pics... (Tips: Do some biceps and triceps curl!)


Today I'm Thinking of... Ipod Touch 2G

The temptation keeps on looming. I dunno what's going on with me today, but the desire to shop has been going wild again. Now I want this gadget - iPod Touch. 

I've been eyeing this for so long ever since it came out last year. Great piece of gadget. The iPod Touch 2nd generation (hence the name 2G) has been a new icon in the modern era. Not just a fun media player (plays mp3 and movie), but also a great productivity gadget. Yes, you heard it right. Web browser, note jotter, calendar, to-do lister, document viewer, GPS finder, gaming machine... you name it. I used to own a PDA (Sony TJ 37) before. But since it went off 2 years ago, my life seems lost without digital assistant. Now I want this one! (See the word.. want..not need!)

What's new in the new ipod Touch? Some features:
  • Thinner compared to Touch 1st gen. The bezel is curved at the side.
  • Volume rocker. This is a great welcome since you don't have to change the volume 'virtually'
  • Speaker - Touch 1G don't have speaker. Though not that so loud, it helps to have a speaker for some music playing sans the earphones.
  • The new Application software - you can add anything like shopping list, games, business applications, etc, etc via the iTunes. Some free, some you gotta pay for it.
  • Integration with Nike+. Great if you wanna check your calorie count after running. (As if I wanna go jogging LOL!)
  • Very streamlined design. The earphone jack fit seamlessly to the body. No more weird protruding point!
  • But the bad side? The shiny aluminum backside is very smudge-philic. But who cares when you can get a nice sheath to cover it right?
Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. Should I get one? Hmm... tempting. (At least I can install the iQuran in it too)

[pix from apple]

Object of Lust: Gucci Laptop Case

When u gotta laptop or netbook that may cost hundreds of dollars, what makes it more stylish other than cladding it with a gorgeous laptop casing. Isn't it? Yes it does. Especially when the laptop is so small and skinny (no, not the model silly), slipping it in a designer case would definitely scream 'STYLO"!!

Talking about laptop cover, the spec should be right. Casing should be solid and durable. Better casing should has good padding for guarding the valuable gadget inside. And the most important - the fit. Having it too loose will make the laptop to swing both side when you carry along. Too tight, the word 'protection' has no meaning at all coz you can't even fit the thingy in.

I am lusting over the laptop case by Gucci. They're made of Gucci patented fabric. The one in beige/ebony in GG plus monogram comes with brown leather trim and brown hardware. The other in matte black, resin-coated fabric with black leather trim and black hardware. Both has the signature interlocking G detail on the front, making it looks priceless. The laptop case comes with double zip around enclosure. Whether it has padding, that's what I'm not so sure. Nevertheless, by the look itself... it definitely delicious enough to clad with you wherever you took the laptop around.

Come in two size versions, medium and small.

Gucci medium laptop casing (37 x 2.5 x 31 cm)

Gucci small laptop casing (31 x 2.5 x 25 cm)

The same range - laptop bag and luggage - has been previously featured in Shortlist's Style issue. Amazing look, but damn pricey.