Yellow Mellow

Talking about grey is the new black, what best color to compliment it other than yellow? Yellow is always been associated with the color of youth (alongside orange, of course), exuberant and joyful. It's also the color of friendship. So, when u wanna gave ur friend flowers without come across of being you know what, just gave any yellow flowers!

Can men wear yellow? Of course, but a subtle one. Not eye popping neon colors. The tone should be 'milder', slightly dusky, darker shade of yellow. Think yellow ochre, with a slight greyish shade. How to work with yellow? Pair it with grey for urban and chic look. While with black it look very standout, a contrast if you may. Couple it with blue (like blue jeans) one may appear slightly kidult. A big no no is to pair it with green or red unless you are a Brazil or Selangor footie fan.

My choice? Stick it to only a small part of clothing like accesories such as ties or scarves. It's better to have only a pinch of yellow rather than a big splash of it on your body!


Grey Is the New Black!

Grey has become the color of choice in this season's men accessories. From the infamous Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite collections to Lacoste felt bags, to Burberry Brit checks, the color is becoming a fad to the urbanistas. It look sophisticated, chic, and as cliche as it may sound, very urban.


Today I'm thinking of....SONY VAIO Z SERIES

The fun side of doing PhD in engineering (Chemical Engineering to be exact) is that you got to play with so many programs. But my current laptop is lacking on the spec-side, some programs can't be accessed very well. The downside? It made me stay longer in the office to run those programs!
I've been thinking of upgrading my current laptop. Not that I don't like it anymore. I do. Coz my Fujitsu P7120, black, skinny laptop look smashing. It's pretty small (very small actually - 10" screen) that it fits my man bag gorgeously! But with the current non-upgradable 512MB memory, there's no way I can run those mentioned programs smoothly (some of them requires at least 2GB memory!)

I've been eyeing some good laptop out there. Not just a laptop - but the one with 4GB memory. With Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo processor. Plus it has to be very light. And very skinny (like moi). And very solid-look. And the price must be right! Is it too much to ask? Yes, indeed!!

But I've found one. Latest from Sony - Vaio Z Series to be precise. At first I was taken aback with the screen size. Damn 13". Who wanna that big?? But after having the hands on experience at Sony Center @ Westfield, it's not that bad after all. I can't seem to forget it. It has the widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. Not just looks good, it's so light, the size is acceptably small and the spec.. voila! Tick all the boxes. With the 'Vaio by You', I can even pick and mix all the spec as I wanted. It even has the choice for WWAN (to surf net using mobile phone service) via the SIM card slot. The downside? Price of course. It's too damn pricey.

P/S: Gotta wait for RM to get stronger!

(Photos from Sony website and news.softpedia.com)

SHORTLIST STYLE: Weekend Holdall

Gloomy autumn with blustery showers doesn't stop us from taking our weekend away break. Whether it's outside the country or to the English countryside, our clothes should be packed in style.

In the last week issue of Shortlist, the team has lined up some trendy autumn's travel bags. As gloomy as the British weather, the color palette seems to stick to the earthen tones as well, with the choice of flennel or felt, to the luxe of leather.

My own shortlisted weekender? Definitely the one from Louis Vuitton - the Damier Graphite Keepall bag (if money could buy). The monochrome check design is a neo-classic and timeless, yet the patented canvas seems to repel water. The other designer holdall that catch my eye is the Zagliani weekend tote - the dark silvery leather screams futuristic! (But the price is waaaay too much for a weekender). On the mid range comes the Bill Amberg's Boston holdall. Made from bridle leather, the bag is really tough yet soft to the touch. Its simple design could be a cult classic. For the budget one, Edeis shoulder bag could be a perfect choice. With the cheap price tag, the canvas with faux leather trim could not go wrong.

Other choice is the one from Reiss (as in the Shortlist's line up) and McQueens'. The design is quite similar, the only different is the price tag. So, whether it's the designer or a cheapo one.... the choice is yours!

Reiss Hurricane Weekender

Holdall from Alexander McQueen

  1. Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Keepall Bandouliere - £650 @ Louis Vuitton
  2. Zagliani Silver Leather Holdall - Є1650.00 @ Luisaviaroma
  3. Edeis Shoulder bag - £29.00 @ La Redoute
  4. Bill Amberg Boston Holdall - £375 for medium @ ASOS.


TRENDSPOTTING: Monochrome Check Shirt

Check shirt is still making a cut this season. The current trend saw monochrome (black, white and grey) check shirts flocking the high street stores. However, with the choices out there, some really catch my eye, not just about the color (monochrome is my fav), but the check design and cutting.

Yesterday, I went to try on the Uniqlo flennel check shirt at Westfield, not content with the first time that I tried it on last month. After spending quite sometime at the store, I can't make my choice coz the size ain't right. The S size has a good arm length, but the XS one is better fit on the body. Finally, I just left empty handed (better anyway!)

So, check out some of the great monochrome check shirt at the highstreet.
  1. Flennel check shirt - £14.99 @ Uniqlo
  2. Check shirt - £29.99 @ River Island
  3. Slim fit shiny check shirt - £28.00 @ Esprit
  4. Black collar check shirt - £28.00 @ Topman


SHORTLIST Downsizing!

The weekly fav men's lifestyle mag, SHORTLIST has eventually hit by the credit crunch. The size of the mag has reduced in today's issue. The slight reduction in it's dimension certainly save thousands of pounds for the company (good for them, since they distribute them for free!) The good side? It's much more handy, and fit nicely into the man bag!

P/S: Can they make it in the size like the travelsize Men's Health issue?


Here It COMME!

  • Today is the day. The launch of the much anticipated collaboration between H&M and Comme des Garcons. (pronounced as kom di garsio). Previous collaboration between the Swedish fashion chain and famous designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Victor & Rolf and Roberto Cavalli has been received by storm by H&M lovers. Those who is more econofashionista (my term for fashionista under budget, that is), these kind of partnership will definitely be the one to look for and kinder to the wallet.

  • So what's hot with the current Comme des Garcons for H&M collection? As early as 9.00 am (when the collection is launched), I make my way to the H&M Regent Street where massive crowds has already gathered. CDG, an immaculate Japanese brand, is famous for decon clothes (deconstructed, that is). As in the H&M website mentioned, Comme des Garçons’ designer, Rei Kawakubo is known throughout the world for her artistic inspiration and her philosophy of pursuing the ultimate form of creation. The collection really reflect that - such as the diagonal stitched and slightly decon shirts, yet it 'hang' well on the body. The wool jumper could be a classic, luxury feel with no hem at the edge. A true CDG signature - the polka dot, also make way into the variety (eventhough it's more of a circus than chic).
  • My choice? The sensible plain black shirt and the uber-cool cardigan. Why sensible? Coz I think it's timeless. The other clothes are quite seasonal and contemporary. Price wise? Also sensible. As I mentioned, kinder to the wallet; compared to the similar original CDG piece that may cost thousands of dollars! With special H&M CDG shopping bag and free latest GQ with the purchase, also the chance to keep the H&M CDG hanger, what not to shop!

BOOT IT River Style

This is what River Island has to say on the footwear of the season - Boots.


UNIQLO HEATTECH: When Science Meets Fashion

The joy of subscribing to the retailers' e-newletters is that they'll sent you not only the current offers and style, also the info regarding their so-called fashion technology. Uniqlo today sent me the science behind their popular warm-weather tees based on their patented technology called HeatTech.

UNIQLO HeatTech innerwear is woven out of a specially designed hollow fibre thread that captures little pillows of toasty warm air, insulating your body in the same way a heavier wool would and creating a secret weapon against the winter chill.
Sheer yet snug and providing added winter warmth when layered comfortably underneath a shirt and sweater or cardigan, the uniquely developed HeatTech fabric includes a rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat. Milk protein, containing natural amino acids, has been mixed with the fibres to ensure the fabric is smooth and soft to the touch; making it not only a heat retaining item, but also the perfect layering garment.


In the last week's issue of Shortlist, chunky knitwears make their cut in the current trend. Gracing the catwalk earlier this year in Fashion Weeks' Autumn/Winter 2008-09 collection, designers and highstreet tend to flock chunky knit sweaters and cardigans into the collection. The like of Dolce and Gabbana is famous with the bulky look of knitwear. While H&M did variety of nice collection for this season.

Chunky knitwear, however need serious body type to carry it well. For a slim figure like me, they will certainly add unnecessary pounds, and make me look silly (small head, big body!). For medium built men, it is more suitable. Regardless of body type, nevertheless, the fit should be more body-hugging rather than look boxy!


GQ Turns 20!

The men's style bible, GQ has turns 20 this year. The December issue of the mag boast a whopping almost 600 pages to mark its anniversary. Who better to grace the cover other than the style icon himself, David Beckham (eventhough I think he's too overrated!).

Also to marks the celebration, GQ has collaborated with Hackett to come up with a series of men's accesories such as tie, wallet, washbag and scarf. My fav would have to be the Limited Edition GQ Umbrella, with a collage of GQ covers. (It's too pricey, btw). Its store display in Regent Street is splashed with the previous covers of GQ, plus showcasing the GQ 20 accessories.

For the past 20 years, does GQ has progressively done a good job in giving us men style advice? I think so. At least they started to reckon the importance of highstreet stores that offers good, well cut fashion for men.

Bravo to GQ! Happy 20th Anniversary!

Hackett window display at Regent Street

Louis Vuitton Tadao...Could it be MINE?

The gloomy blustery showers somehow started to clear up yesterday. I took the chance to do my usual tourist stroll - this time at the City area (that's London financial district for you lot). My intention? To visit the Leadenhall Market, where the Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone was filmed long, long time ago.

On my way back, I passed by the Royal Exchange shopping lot (it was closed by the way), where the City boys and girls splash their cash upon afternoon break. And voila! There it is... my dreamy fav Louis Vuitton store, tuck neatly at one corner. But what delighted me the most is the one at it's window pane. LV Damier Graphite Tadao tote bag. Magnifico. Gorgeous.

My mind started to ponder. Could it be mine one day? Yet, the biggest question to date - could I afford it? (Hmm...me don't wanna buy anything that can feed a third world country!)


Wool overcoat has made its mark again this season. As the chill weather creeps and stormy showers pours in, what better than to invest on a good quality overcoat. Choice can be from 100% wool or wool-mix (wool-polyester-viscose or wool-cotton). There are even single- or double-breasted. I would rather opt for single-breasted; simple, classic and unpretentious. (Double-breasted is too military to me!). Also the fabric should be plain, without any stripe nor patterned.

Any highstreet stores offer good wool overcoat? You bet. My fav varieties are the one from Burton and Topman. Sharp design, simple cut, monochrome with the hue of grey and black. Classic. (They look quite similar in design , due to the companies' sharing the same boss - Sir Phillip Green!).

Me thinking of gettting one, and cheaper....coz last year I stuck with the belted one from Burton. Very military, and the heavy cotton fabric seems to attract lint! Nevertheless in recent Shortlist, belted coat is in! Hmm....

1. Black Premium Classic Overcoat @ Burton - £120.00
2. BURTON Black Wool Overcoat @ Burton - £70.00
3. BURTON Dark Grey Wool Mix Long Coat @ Burton - £70.00
4. Black Single Breasted Overcoat @ Topman - £70.00

Holler Berry!

It's the color of regal and royalty. It's also the fav choice for celebration. The Queen's crown jewel even use the color in its velvet. Purple and berry (not strawberry, but rather wild and blueberries), have dominates the high street recently. Christmas yet still far away for the Brits to celebrate, still the hues has been a fav choice in the clothing lines.

Esprit even devoted 'special' section for purple, called "Purple Rain" (isn't it cliche?). While at Asos you can even got a selection of Calvin Klein undies in purple. For the one who prefer purple checks, River Island and Topman did quite a number of shirts, tee and ties. Uniqlo and H&M have a variety of great merino wool jumpers.
For me, it's all about the fabric and right choice of purple and berry tones. The one that look chic and luxury. Opt for deep purple hues rather than violet or lavender. Mauve and lilac is a bit off this season (rather summery feel instead).

In my high street stroll recently, I tried on the purple merino jumper from Uniqlo. But the color is a bit off since it's towards the violet side, and the tone is uneven. Alas, I snapped the deep purple merino jumper and stripe black/purple-berry shirt from H&M. Damn sizzling color. Seductive, luxury and delicious! Also, a dark berry shirt from River Island. All at the price that a student like me can afford. (Of course!)

H&M Black/Purple stripe shirt

Plain Purple Shirt from Topman
Purple merino jumper from Uniqlo


Let's have a CONVERSE-ation!

I am a big fan of shoes. Boots, lace-up shoes, slip-on and plimsols... you name it. Since my nightmare with two Nike sport shoes that 'bite' my feet very badly, I can say that my trainers days are long gone. Instead, I've converted to plimsols and hi-sneakers (and boots, of course!). Not just any sneakers, but the classic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Way back in April, I saw a black leather, low Converse sneakers at Office. It's monochrome, looks so simple, yet classic. I dreamt it ever since, coz that time I need to upgrade (hmm...never ending upgrade, LOL!) from my previous cheapo Matalan PVC and Officer's Club canvas trainers. When I put it on, damn... it's so comfy. No wonder lots of people like Converse. What's more is that the sole is so thick, that you can't feel the ground when you walk (You do 'felt' the ground if you buy cheapo shoes). After a couple of visit and 'eyeing' at Office, it's finally mine - plus I got student discount as well.

Not contempt with one, last summer I saw a similar Converse black leather. But this time it's a high boot. So damn hot! I snatched that as well (plus student discount, of course). It looks 'naughty' and kinda goth, rock dude when pair up with jeans, esp the skinny one. Yet, the simple, grain leather makes it a neo-classic.

My love of Converse still going strong. I'm thinking of getting a white leather, wing-tip, brogue design "Only Available' at Foot Locker. But it's still too pricey given the style is similar to Office's. Also, I've been eyeing for the denim Converse at La Redoute (yet, it looks too young for me).

Whatever it is... no more lousy Nike's for me. Enter Converse.. neo-classic Chuck Taylor!

Boot Camp: A Neverending Obsession....

I have a hot for boots. Period. Sometimes I think I'm too obsessed with them. I don’t care if the chiropractors said that boots are bad for the spine, but I think they’re amazing. It protect my ankle well, plus my legs look even toned. I want new boots coz my current Zara boot is about to fall apart. (See, I used the word want… not need). I wore them every day, and loving it since it's leather and fit my feet snugly! I’ve been searching here and there, in store and online for my next ‘victims’. But unluckily most of them got pigskin lining (meaning it’s a big NO for me). Alas, came ASOS with a 15% discount throughout October. Since October is my birthday month, what’s better to celebrate than to splash my cash on my fav items.

I finally bought, not one, but FOUR pairs – two leather Chelsea (coz it’s damn cheap and very ‘pointy’), a lace up and an Italian patent leather boots. Boots are back this season. (It’s back in every season for me, instead!). When ASOS sent it in a big, black box right in front of my door, I got so excited. But my excitement turned sour coz two of them – the lace up and Italian patent got pigskin lining. Damn. They’re so hot, though. Pity that I had to send them back for refund. (That’s the disadvantage of buying online, you risk of not knowing the material used). However, the other two… voila! Damn amazing!!

My obsession does not stop there. I got a hot for lace-up boots. I don’t mind not getting another patent leather, coz I already got my Fendi and Kenneth Cole’s. But lace-up… it’s a MUST-HAVE!! It’s autumn, and it’s quite chill. Hi leather boots will ‘protect’ my feet comfortably. During my shopping quest at highstreet stores, I suddenly got gobsmacked when I stumbled upon Zara hi-ankle leather lace-up boot. What’s better, it’s also a brogue. The price is right, the style is amazing and the look is sizzling hot! Eventually, I snatched it fast coz it’s a limited edition (only less than 8 in all London’s Zara stores)

Me and my new Zara boots.

On my way back, I wonder if the similar style make it BIG this season, coz Zara is one of the frontrunners in term of catwalk copy. I googled, and to my surprise there are! Hi boots (and worker boots) are really hot this season. Dsquared did it in the catwalk, so as Dolce and Gabbana in their Autumn/Winter campaign. And to my delight, Shortlist also reviewed worker boot a week after my purchased. (Who’s the style psychic now?)

My boots are definitely made for walking.... (cue These Boots Are Made For Walking song!)