Say hello to WESTFIELD - the Europe's Largest Shopping Mall.

Today is the day. London's largest megamall, and the said Europe's largest indoor shopping arena has finally open its door for the public. Boasting of more than 250 stores, plus some anchor stores like M&S, House of Fraser, Debenhams and the fabulous "THE VILLAGE" where big players like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Burberry and the like - it is indeed the 'IT' shoppers' paradise.

WESTFIELD - as the name synonym to where it's located, in West London (Shephard's Bush, to be exact), is not just about the place to flash your credit/debit card. It's about the immaculate, spectacular piece of architechture with a cliche glass roof (reminisce the Great Court of British Museum) in a silhouette of trees. It is soooo damn large, with an area as big as Buckhingham Palace, the mall is indeed spacious, very airy and so much light seeps through.

The opening ceremony is graced by the London Mayor, BoJo, while the infamous British model, Erin O'Connor opened the catwalk show. And the BIG surprise is when Leona Lewis emerged through the stage - performing series of new songs, plus the big hit, Bleeding Love. Keep bleeding..keep keep bleeding love... (I would cue, oh shopping...shopping, shopping that I love!)

Well, it seems that I have to add another location in my weekly shopping itinerary. Westfield. It's time to 'SHOP IN THE NEW LIGHT"!

The entrace facade look surreal.

Interior of Westfield, in a silhouette of trees.

The Village - houses more than 40 designer labels.

The glorious chandeliers in The Village



It's my birthday! And it's snowing! And the James Bond premiere is tonight! YEAY!!!

Thanx to the team @ Esprit Club and Facebook who send me the first Birthday Wishes. I Love U guys!

....Talking About Ties....

Plain white shirts give men freedom to go for pattern in ties. (Quoting what I said previously...). In last week's issue of Shortlist, plaid and paisley ties make a big comeback. The forest colors such as green, brown, chocolate and grey hues dominating the designs.

My choice? Definitely the plaid or stripe. Simple, understated, classic and the most important non-seasonal. (Paisleys and prints are not my cuppa tea anyway - coz they are seasonal!). Love the Louis Vuitton's one. Very chic (but damn.. too expensive!). Btw, I love the cheapo tartan in my previous purchase!

(Didn't I just review some of the best tartan/check ties before...?)

My grey/pink tartan tie.


Plain White Shirt: An all time classic.

The simplest thing is always the hardest to find . I've been searching for plain white shirt for a long time. Not that all the stores don't have one, but they don't have THE ONE for me. I just need one that fits me well (yeah, I mean really fit!), affordable (I mean cheap, actually), design not too tacky and the most important the fabric has to be right - thick, cotton. Is that too much to ask?

In the recent LondonPaper, it is reported that the sales of plain white shirts are booming. Debenhams's white shirt sales increases 50% since the credit crunch hit the nation. And fashion expert predicted the trend will continue as City workers made redundant splash out on new interview outfit.

A white shirt sends out the message that you are professional. Neckwear is back in fashion, so plain shirts give men freedom to go for pattern in ties. There are some tips of choosing plain white shirt:

- Avoid too cheap white fabric, as the fabric will be transparent.
- Buy a lot, replace often - there's no hiding stains or greying cuffs on white.
- Use your tie to add color, but keep it sober. (A 'toothbrush' or Batman tie is a no no)
- Don't wear black suit plus white shirt, or you'll look like an undertaker.
- Use deodorant - wet patches show up on white!

In my quest of plain white shirt, my pick would definitely be the one from Zara and Burton Black Label. While Topman's is also not too bad (the 25 pound, not the 20 quid one).


Autumn 2008 Scent-sational!

Shortlist's Autumn 2008 fragrance pick.

Fashion is not just about clothing..it's about everything that you put on your body..or hold on to you (ehem...exclude your spouse or pet!). That's including perfume. Well, new season, new smell. Not the smell of the falling leaves or steamy road due to raining (eventhough I do like the smell of freshly cut grass), but the fresh and 'muskiness' of the new masculinity. Autumn scent give a bit 'deeper' blend compared to summer fragrance. A bit of seductive flair, if you may. Think wild vanilla and bergamot instead of citrusy feel.

In the previous issue of Shortlist, autumn 2008 saw a refined fragrance, not just about the blend, but the design of the bottle as well. More symmetrical, masculine and luxury. Now a fragrance is not just a fragrance; it's also a collectors' item!

My pick: Diamond for Men by Gorgio Armani, Paco Rabanne's One Million and Calvin Klein's Intense Euphoria.

(P/S: Didn't I just review PR's One Million and Kenzo Power in my last blog entry?)

Shortlist's Autumn 2007 finest scents.


Gender Bender styles: Is it acceptable nowadays?

I don't know what is it nowadays in the menswear department that some 'gender bender' styles seems to flock in. On my way to college last friday, I saw this guy clinging a Mulberry Piccadilly bag that is supposedly for the ladies. And also, recently in some of the blogs saw Marc Jacobs sports a 'skirt' on his way to the office. What happens to guys these days? Are they out of their mind? Or is it a new age of fashion statement that they wanna shout out?

The term gender bender is normally used when an item of clothing from other gender is used by the other gender. Say, a skirt which normally used by the ladies is now used by men. I know that gender bender style is not new. Sometimes it is undefined, whether it is for men or for women. For example, tartan kilts are famously used by the Scotts' men. Also, the Asians in the like of Indians, Malay, Cambodian and Burmese also make the wearing of sarong so popular. The wearing of tunic is also popular among the Arabs, Persian and Indians, which saw the term salwar kameez being used in many literatures.

For me I think gender bender style is acceptable within limit. As long as a guy don't wear evening dress (like in the yesteryear's Versace ad)... or hot pants, or any item of clothing is surely for women, then it doesn't really matter.


Merry, Merry, Merino...

I've been longing to return to my good old thing that I do best - SHOPPING. Last month I can't do much shopping coz I don't have the energy to do so due to fasting (Thank God, I can save my money...but not for so long). But now that October has arrived...fasting is over, autumn has also started. With the weather becomes a little bit chill, I'm thinking of updating my Autumn/Winter 2008 collection. I've been dying to have a massive collection of knitwear that fits me. Last year I've been wearing the stupid lambswool that not only plain chunky, it also damn unshapely. It hides my body! Arrggghh!!!

With the current credit crunch creeping in, this time I need great quality knitwears. What's best other than merino wool. They're soft, light and can keep me warm. Plus, it hugs my body damn good. (If you got the asset, you might as well flaunt t, right?).

Really love Uniqlo extra fine merino knitwears. They're damn cheap, plus they come in many colors and cuts. I got myself red and grey V necks, and a couple of light and dark grey cardi. (Thank God they're on sale, baby! Plus got another 10% student discounts). I also snapped two merino V necks from H&M - dark choc and green (as being worn by Matt Loewen in their ad). It's damn awesome and the best thing is I got them at 20% off coz I'm their newsletter buddies. Since I'm also being dying to get my hands on All Saints' Costelloe since June, they finally are mine. They're damn unique with the half-sleeve. Got two of them cheaper at ASOS (plus another extra 15% off for their October offer).

What can I say... the desire has been burning up since last month. Shop till I drop dead gorgeous! So now, autumn... here I come. bring in the chill....


Attack of the Clones: Mulberry Piccadilly!

It seems that everybody's trying to emulate the style of the infamous Mulberry Bayswater and Piccadilly holdalls. Latest incarnation of the famous totes saw Topman came up with the premium canvas holdall with leather trim. Earlier last month, fashion mags paraded the creation of Tumi Townhouse Brompton Satchel, while Reiss is also imitate the same pattern with their Fender bags for menswear collection. In previous catwalk, Burberry also trying to copy the style with their Spring/Summer 2009 collection. Same thing goes with Bill Amberg's Batek tote and Pauric Sweeney's python holdalls. I also almost forgot that I have the same bag style that I bought from Zara. Gorgeous leather tote with croc details.

The question is...does Mulberry really the father of all holdalls? I bet..



Voila.. it's OCTOBER 2008! What does it means?
- Uni of London's Freshers' Fayre - time to get goodie bags and bags and goodies!
Student shopping haven! (Burton, Topman, Uniqlo doing 15% off; Bookstores giving massive discounts!)
- Plus mid season SALE is gonna be soon...
- More new stores will be opened at Bicester Village Outlet.
- New Shephard's Bush Central Line tube and overground station is opening.
- All my discounters sending me birthday vouchers!
- London City Hall open day - time to see the London Thames' view.
- Eid in the Square @ Trafalgar Square.
- So as Diwali in the Square...
- Quantum of Solace premiere, UK largest shopping mall WESTFIELD opening, Halloween..all happening in my birthday week!
- And of course..my birthday!!