It's UCL Freshers' Week!

Now the new term has started. Welcome back old students...and hellooo newbies. This week is also the Freshers' Week, and kick off today is the much anticipated Fresher's Day. What does that mean? Loads, loads and loads of goodies from the stalls.

What do I get? A lot. Includes shopper bag/bag for life (not just 1, but 5!), pens, hiliters, planners, diaries, keychains, bottle openers, teabags, sugar sachets, 1Gb USB drives from HP, discount vouchers from Waitrose and Play.com, discount card from Zavvi, invitation to parties (as if I wanna go..), etc. The list can go on and on.

Fun? You bet...

P/S: Can't wait for next week's ULU Freshers' Fair! EVEN BETTER!

Goodies from the UCL Fresher's Fayre


The return of the supermodels defies age issue?

Age seems to be no issue in the fashion world. Kate Moss is in the cover of the latest UK Vogue (yet she also did March 2008). Linda Evangelista is fronting Prada Autumn/Winter 2008/09 ad campaign, so as Claudia for Chanel, Eva Herzigova for Louis Vuitton and Naomi for Yves Saint Laurent, Linda is also doing L'oreal ad (because you're worth it!), while Christy Turlington return to Maybelline. Kate is also in Rimmel London long way back since (who can't forget the famous line - Get the London look).

Does these means that the SUPERMODELS are BACK? I bet.. yeay!!



Getting touchy feely with the phone....

With the debut of LG Prada phone last 2 years, it seems that touch screen are the way forward in the phone(y) world. Why not? Coz nowadays the size of the screen does matter especially when the phone is no longer just a phone - it's an essential AIO (all-in-one) accesories! Be it as a camera, video player or browsing the web on the go, having a small screen should never be compromised. When the buttons took the room for the screen, having 'touchy feely' is the way it should be.. (hey it rhymes!).

2007 saw touchscreen phones flock the market. The much anticipated iPhone saw people queueing outside Apple Store in Regent St for almost 48 hours before the phone is released. Then there's a biggest rival between LG and Samsung - with LG's Prada chic look (but s**t photo quality) and Viewty having more megapixel and responsive touch (but big in size...), while Samsung offers the like of Instinct, Tocco and Omnia with 'style' in mind (and substance?) .

And the latest to join in the band is the newly released Google Phone - codenamed G1, yesterday. The press reported it would rival iPhone 3G, but for fashionistas... I really doubt it. The phone maybe great in 'substance' , but in style? ... Sorry. Look like s**t to me. LOL!

Me? I'm just happy with my Samsung Armani. Small, skinny, sexy and screams 'designer'... what else could I asked for? (Yet, still waiting for iPhone nano debut before Christmas)


SHORTLIST Style: Issue 49 / 18 Sept 2008

The power of power dressing. Men (and women) have to look damn good to get on the career ladder. Doesn't have to buy expensive things, but able to mix and match AND works! Whatever the budget is... looking suave and chic should never be compromised.


SHORTLIST Style: Issue 48 / 11 September 2008

What's on SHORTLIST Style on last week's issue? More on the autumn trend guide. Divided into 3 categories - Posh look; Highland/Country/Folklore and Minimalist / urban chic.

Color palette - not far from the basic and cliche autumn earthern silhouette: Black, grey, and brown/chocolate, with a dash of olive, pistachio and deep burgundy.
(P/S: Look at the CK Man fragrance. Isn't it a coincidence?)

Trendspotting: Check craze!! (again...)

Oh dear! Now I'm really falling into the fashion trend trap! Suddenly in my email, River Island is giving the headline "CHECK CRAZE". Man.. I know that I bought that Burton stone check shirt, and that Burberry tote. But am I really trend maniac? Ya uh, I guess... I have crossover. I've become ONE of them. LOL! Btw, i love them..so who cares....

What appears on Burton site... and what appears ON me!

Trendspotting: Boot-ilicious baby!

I know that my trainer days has long gone... I dunno why now that I hate to wear sport shoes. I'd rather wear plimsols instead. Eventhough some are comfy, they aren't stylo to me. With the nightmare that I had last year wearing Nike shoes that make my feet aching like hell.. really I had to say no. Yet, I manage to get myself the Adidas Samba black n white trainer for 20 quid (original price 60 pound) during summer sale coz I like the simplicity of the shoe. What can I say, last year is when I'm really poor...

But now I can't resist wearing boots. Whether it's Chelsea boot (with the elastic kinda enclosure), to zip-up or even my hi top Converse. Love it. Plus, it hold my feet together and better yet no one will ever step on my back feet when I'm walking (a nightmare when wearing low cut shoe). Love the ankle boots. I'm wearing my Zara Chelsea all the time, it almost worn out! Love the pointed toe boots. And the high heel even boost my height (My Fendi's has 2 inch heel - making me more than 5' 10"..extra extra point!). Boots look really hot with jeans. (But careful if u're having a very long walk!)

Hmm.. thinking of getting new ones. But some with pigskin leather..damn I can't wear them? Topman, Office, Barrats.. could u make the lining with calf leather, please? :(

1. Razor Boot £130.00 @ ALL SAINTS.
2. ADALBERO Zipup Boot £90.00 @ ALDO.
3. ALICANTE Boot £85.00 @ DUNE.
4. GIANNI BARBATO Croc Embossed Low Boots 563 EURO @ LUISAVAROMA.
5. Leather Chelsea Boot £45.00 @ ASOS.
6. XINKLE Boot £80.00 @ FAITH.


My YSL Free Tote Quest and The Gypsy Lady

Last Friday, the Londonpaper mentioned that Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is gonna give limited edition tote bags on Saturday morning. About 5000 free black and white version of the cotton totes will be distributed across 14 locations in main shopper’s street across London.

The next morning, I couldn’t wait any longer. Reached Oxford Circus, feeling very excited. But… where are the YSL girls?? Arrghhh… couldn’t find them. Perhaps it’s too early. So, went to Burton at Bond St. instead to check out their “GQ Recommended” lines. Try on that fennel check shirt… damn it’s hot! But that’s not what I came for. Half an hour later, headed back to Oxford Circus, in the hope of catching those YSL ladies in black outfit. Well, not for long that I spotted this makcik carrying a black YSL tote. Suddenly spotted the girls, rushed towards them and finally got – not one, but two black totes! Voila. Success!! Feeling happy. Suddenly spotted another YSL groups on the other side of Oxford St… No! Wait!! I got ANOTHER tote – in white! Yeay!

So what’s up with the bags? Well, it’s this cheap cotton shopper bag, for start. It’s not just a tote bag – it’s YSL. There’s YSL logo on the front and “Manifesto A/W 08-09” scriptures at the back. (I kinda like the YSL upside down logo, very anti-cliché). That’s not all. Inside is this ad campaign featuring supermodel Naomi Campbell, clad in non other than YSL. Pages after pages of Naomi.

But I’m still not satisfied. I want more. (Gimme, gimme more… says Britney) Then I headed to Regent St. instead. While strolling around with my eyes wandering the YSL girls, suddenly I’ve been stopped by this old lady right into my face. She slipped in a flower to my scarf. She said, “I know that you’re special. I’m a gypsy. I know from the way you walk you are a good man. You have a kind heart”. Really? Is this my lucky day or what? Very spooky. But, yeah whatever! I tried to get away, and she kinda stopping me. She kept on repeating she’s a gypsy and can see that I’m a good man, had a good heart. Owh.. thank you, thank you..more, more please.. It takes a while with that gypsy lady, and when I find my way out… she then say, “Please pay for the flower”. Damn!

There goes my lucky day… I couldn’t find the YSL girls either. But with three free YSL totes, maybe I am lucky after all.


TRENDSPOTTING: Checked, gingham, tartan and houndstooh ties.

Ever feeling bored with plain or striped tie. The checked, gingham, tartans or houndstooth ties would make a good choice to swap the style boredom.

There's a different in the designs. Checked normally has larger 'squares', while gingham is it's smaller version. While tartans has an irregular lines/squares that makes it so chic (Think Scottish tartans..). Houndstooth or dogstooth (or now there's even puppytooth) has a distinctive design that is so classic. Look for the fabric. Checked tie normally come in cotton, which makes it look a bit 'cheap' coz the 'white square' seem to highlight the black at the back. Tartans normally comes in silk (Muslim men mustn't wear silk!). Houndstooth can be in polyester/viscose or even silk.
My word of advise: Careful of choosing checked or tartans designs. You don't wanna to be looking more chavs than chic!

Here's are some of my picks.

Checked tie:
1. Black and white checked - £8.00 - ASOS.
2. Blue checked - £8.00 - ASOS.
3. Red checked - £8.00 - ASOS.
4. Purple checked skinny - £9.99 - RIVER ISLAND.

5. Novacheck blue/light purple - $99.00 - Burberry @ FASHION CONSORTIUM.
6. Novacheck blue variant - $105.00 - Burberry @ FASHION CONSORTIUM.
7. Novacheck pink - $99.00 - Burberry @ FASHION CONSORTIUM.
8. Novacheck pink/burgundy/green - $95.00 - Burberry @ FASHION CONSORTIUM.
9. Novacheck pink/grey - $95.00 - Burberry @ FASHION CONSORTIUM.
10. Twill checked tie - £70.00 - Burberry
11. Twill checked tie - £70.00 - Burberry
12. Checked blue skinny - £9.99 - RIVER ISLAND.
13. Multicolored tartan - £85.00 - Dries Van Noten @ BROWNS CLOTHING.
14. Tartan tie - £85.00 - Dries Van Noten @ BROWNS CLOTHING.
15. Gingham tie - £9.99 - RIVER ISLAND.
16. Gingham skinny - £10.00 - EQUIP.
17. Dogtooth blue skinn - £20.00 - French Connection @ ASOS.
18. Dogtooth black/white skinny - £20.00 - French Connection @ ASOS.
19. Houndstooth skinny tie - £16.00 - He by MANGO.

Checkmate! Meet the Tartans!

Suddenly back in late June, I got a hot for tartans. Went to Bicester Village Outlet to search for some bargains during the Summer Sale, my heart dropped when I saw the Burberry tote bag. It's not a regular Burbery brown/beige color combo, but it's black/grey/white. Very monochrome, masculine. The tote itself kinda unisex. But, that time I couldn't decide whether to bag it or not, so went home empty handed. Keep on having nightmare to own it though!

Then the next week, in the SHORTLIST (what else!), the headlines in the STYLE section says "The Return of Checks and Plaids". Wha..?! Am I a psychic or what. I could predict the trend? LOL. So, I return to BVO, rushed to Burberry and snapped that tote. Voila! Success. It was almost half price. In fact, there's none available @ their stores in Knightsbridge or Regent St. Is it worth it? You bet...

In this week's SHORTLIST: Denim Trucker Jacket

In this week's SHORTLIST, denim jacket is in again. Now that autumn has started (that's what Yahoo! News said), everybody seems to be wearing outerwears. What better than the denim jacket. Trendy, rough, manly. Choose between washed or coated denim, zipped or buttoned. Darker denim seems to be the best coz it fits all occasions, even during casual Friday (or Saturday for some of us). Look for fits and cutting. What's important to me: cuff must fits nicely (if I can put two fingers between it, that's bad!), so as the neck (coz some even if you buttoned all up, the neck is still showing, or worst as if you can still fit another portion of your neck in!), and length of jacket should lie just above the butt (show some ass!)

My pick: TOPMAN black coated denim jacket. Got it during last winter sale. (Hopefully it'll make a comeback)


SHORTLIST: The Ultimate Weekly Read for Men

I admit it I can't live without SHORTLIST. I'm a SHORTLIST addict. Have to have it every week, whether the hardcopy version from the SHORTLISTer that distribute outside Seven Sisters' tube station or the online version.

It's the ultimate weekly read for men. Loads of fun stuff and info inside - from fashion, techno news, gadget, cars, sport, exercise, travel etc. Better yet, it's FREE! No wonder they won the award for the best new magazine!

Shopping Quest: I finally got myself the MAN!

Oh don't get me wrong. Yes, I do got the MAN - Calvin Klein Man EDT to be exact. Love this one so long ago. Dream of getting it, but no good offers available. Suddenly last week in one of Shortlist ad, the offer I can't resist. Buy any CK fragrance got free bag.

How's the MAN? Smells good. Gently strong, but not too strong. Quite woody, with a musky feel. And quite layered as well. First it quite 'into the face' kinda feel, then it gently 'spread' [check out nowsmellthis.blogharbor.com for review]. To me it's suitable for night use. It is considered as new fragrance by CK, after Calvin Klein himself handover the business to someone else. But the name CK still remains.

Love the packaging design. It has a slide out cover (one side is the EDT, the other side is Garret Neff ), revealing the simplistic "Calvin Klein MAN' box inside. The boxy glass looks screams masculine, 'archetype'. and 'chic'. (Quite similar to Boss Pure, though).

Shopping Quest: Online purchase, Secret Sample Sale.

What have I done in my shopping quest last week? Hmm..let's see. First, after waiting for almost 3 weeks, the tote bag that I purchased thru Redoute finally arrived. It's on sale, plus I get extra 5 pound off coz I'm a member. How do I find it? Quite interesting though. In the catalog it does mention "Ultra practical and Ultra Masculine". Really? Thank god it's not Ultraman.. otherwise I get the blinking light on the chest all the time "Lifeline! Lifeline!"

Then got the shorts that 's on summer sale at Uniqlo website. Love the white shorts very much, in fact thinking of getting them when they first come out in April. But the price is so damn expensive back then. Even if with my student discount, I think it's not worth buying it. But suddenly, 5 pound is slashed from the original price, still I think..hmmm I'll wait. Finally, last 2 weeks found out the price is the lowest ever!! It is as if buying 3 pair for the price of 1. So what do I do? I got three pairs then.. 2 whites and 1 beige. Wore them last Monday, when Yahoo!UK suddenly mention "Summer is officially over". What? Damn... but still feel hot though.

What else? Oh, went to the Secret Sample Sales at Bricklane. People who wanna get in must register thru their web, and got email the pass to get in. In my wildest mind, thought that the venue was 'happening' or might look sleek. But when I got there..wha??? The place is like a dump! Everything like shit! Clothes are like 'bundle' clothes, even if designer tags are on it. NOT WORTH IT! Thank god didn't buy anything. But the good thing is that, finally I reached East London - Spitalfields area to be exact. Cool... the "City" area IS the shopping haven [area where financial district is located, hence the name is "City'].

Redoute canvas tote.


TRENDSPOTTING: Biker and Bomber Jacket - The Ultimate Must Haves for Autumn/Winter

Thanks to the bad boy vintage movies starring the likes of Marlon Brando and James Dean, biker and bomber jacket would never be out of style, and has become one of the staple in any man's wardrobe. The difference between the biker and bomber jacket is in the neck detail - the former normally have buttons, while the latter has 'high-neck' or 'turtle-neck' kinda style. Materials such as polished and washed out leather, has always be the favourite coz of it hardwearing. While polyrethane (PU) and coated denims normally chosen for the low budget ones.

These are some of my favourites, be it for the cheapskate like me or if for those who didn't mind their budget goes up the roof!

  1. Faux leather jacket - £49.99 - RIVER ISLAND.
  2. Black leather bomber jacket - £80.00 - TOPMAN.
  3. Dakar leather jacket - £95.00 - ALL SAINTS.
  4. Black leather biker jacket - £99.00 - BURTON.
  5. 4-pocket leather jacket - £120.00 - RIVER ISLAND.
  6. Lumber Adonis leather jacket - £170.00 - HE by MANGO.
  7. Lumber Adonis leather jacket - £180.00 - HE by MANGO.
  8. Reversible bomber jacket - £200.00 - ALL SAINTS.
  9. Likerish leather jacket - £500.00 - DIESEL.
  10. Leather motorcycle jacket - £1480.00 - UNDERCOVER @ BROWNS.
  11. Brown leather jacket - £1485.00 - RICK OWENS @ BROWNS.
  12. Zip bomber jacket - EURO 2314 - JOHN RICHMOND @ LUISAVAROMA.