Summer Sale craze? I say STOP!!!

Summer sale… summer sale. Arrgghh!! When it’s gonna be officially over? Can’t someone just say STOP for a while? It’s already end of August!! My credit and debit card are awfully exhausted by now.What not… first, summer sale start in mid June due to the credit crunch fiasco happening early this year. So the stores try to attract shoppers (like moi!) by flagging the red “SALE” banner.

For me though, any sale won’t start if Selfridges and Harrods don’t say so. (Love the Harrods ad… “There is only ONE Harrods, There is only ONE Sale. Harrods SALE”). Why?? Well who don’t like to grab bargains (real bargains wa tell u) from hundreds of pounds down to less than £100! I even went there on the first day of their sale, coz I considered myself as “regular”. Regular in my definition; shirt size 14.5–15.5 (36-38); pant 30W, 32L; shoe 9 or 10. If I don’t go early… no hope for me. I’ll get nothing! Thankfully I could grab Fendi patent boots from Harrods at half price, and another Kenneth Cole patent leather boots at Selfridges for just £65! What a silly bargain! But damn, I really love that Gucci mock lizard boots but couldn’t get my hands into (otherwise I blew my 3 weeks rent!!).

But my shopping adventure doesn’t stop there. Got some nice shirts and lace-up patent shoe at Zara, a gorgeous suit from River Island, tote bag from Burberry and FCUK, polos at Gap and some Calvin Klein hipsters (damn it’s so comfy, that’s why people love it!). All at discounted prices. I also wait for sale at Next, since some of their shirts are nice. Those Next people are silly smart coz they do a bit later (late July, when I start to go broke ;-P). When they do sale, their door opened at 5.00 am, so I knew all the items that I want (or would want) won’t be there anymore by the time I reached there at late morning. But thank God, when I do arrived all the sale items are like shit! LOL!!

And now, by the time people think summer sale is over, PCWORLD start having their sale. What? Not fair! Dear card… if u wouldn’t mind I really wanna grab that portable 320Gb hard disk!
Please...STOP all the SALES for the time being!! (Still waiting for mid-season sale in October though…)

Fendi patent boots

Kenneth Cole patent boots

Zara patent lace-up shoe