Saturday, 27 September 2014

These Flip-front Backpacks Look Almost Similar

Aren't these backpacks share the same theme? I dunno who's copying who, or who's inspired by whom - but the first one that I came across last year was done by Kara, which design the dry mesh bag. Maybe it was the guys who are inspired by the ladies this time, who knows? 

Jimmy Choo Fitzroy backpack

Bonastre monostrap backpack

Kara Dry Mesh bag

Dear Apple Geek, This Is What You Need for iPhone 6!

With the screen size of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus increase from their predecessors, this is exactly what the Apple geeks need in order to encounter that out-of-reach icons on the new phones. A bigger thumb. Or to be exact, an extended thumb on your current thumb!

See the comparison on how far the average set of thumbs will reach on the new iPhone 6. One thing for sure - you gotta stretch yours!

Anyway, this vid seems to show how that Thanko thumb functions for the large LCD screen smartphones. I dunno Japanese, but let the demo do the talking though...

Friday, 26 September 2014

Flashback Friday: Louis Vuitton Bond Street Before That Makeover

This is one hell of a history!

When I revisited my old albums while living in London, I stumbled upon this particular photo that was taken way back years ago. We're talking 13 years back, dude! Yup, this is the period where I first stepped to The Blighty when I did my Masters degree at Imperial College @ South Kensington. This is not taken using a digicam - but by the classic film camera that you need to press that button and you can hear the sound of the film rolling inside. Yeah, that old school, if you know what I mean. And that's why there's a date stamped the bottom side of the photo too (it says 22/09/2001, i.e. 4 days before I made a return to Malaysia after finishing my MSc). Back then nobody knows what a digital camera is anyway (not yet, I think!). Every time I wanna get the photo developed, I had to go to the Oxford Street East and get it done at Jacobs camera store - by which they always offer a couple of free 4R-sized photo if I had a lot to developed. Trust me, it was cool back then... 

Anyhow. This photo shows exactly where I am at that moment : right at the corner of Louis Vuitton store, which is located at the junction between New Bond Street and Clifford Street at London West End. See how 'norm' the store look like, with the awning and all, which somehow could be mistaken as a cafe down the road instead? This is before all that makeover done by Peter Marino, though. And please, no comment about my look too then... coz this is during that ancient period of zaman gonjeng!

How does the store look like these days? I hope that it still maintain how it appears to be in the post-Marino transformation facade and interior I last saw in 2010. Modern, fun and much luxe!

So, which store still maintain its facade after all these years? Based on my old-photos archive, only Ralph Lauren kept it true to its heritage either back in 2001 or the last time I saw it. The rest like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry - they've all changed to suit the new demographic.

*I blogged about the new LV store in my previous post [CLICK].