Thursday, 10 July 2014

Louis Vuitton Sneakers Look Something Like My Gourmet

In the previous Spring/Summer 2015 show in Paris, Louis Vuitton has presented something that was never being showcased on their catwalk in the previous seasons. For the entire 39 pieces being paraded on the runway, they all had the same unanimous theme down under : the sneakers. Not that LV hasn't shown any sneakers before, coz they did for SS'14 by displaying some selection court sneakers with a metal plate on the front (much like Converse Jack Purcell's black line 'smiley' lookalike thing). But this one is not really very edgy unlike Givenchy or Damir Doma, nor like a signature thick-soled what Lanvin do - yet, they look merely like a typical sneakers sneakers. The one that you normally come across while you're strolling on the street or taking your jog around the park - yeah, that kind of sneakers if you know what I mean. 

Despite the standout element there was the croc leather, I think LV is trying to tone down a bit the entire look to create an appeal towards another demographic in the fashion department - the sporty dudes like the joggers, the gym-goers, the hipsters down the allyways - who'd like to have a high-fashion statement in their typical outfit do. 

But one thing for sure when I first stumbled upon the images of that Louis Vuitton SS'15 sneakers, I had one thing in mind: the design reminds me of my own cactus leather sneakers by Gourmet! [CLICK]

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Two Godfreys. One Louis.

Jason Godfrey - by whom you could watch him at Li Life Inspired channel at Astro - covers the July issue of Glam Lelaki magazine. In the editorial spread inside, the model/host sported the shirt by Louis Vuitton, in blue with the visible 'V' emblem scattered throughout. The thing is , it so happens that the same shirt was seen on Godfrey Gao in the previous June cover of Men's Uno Taiwan (and the current July cover of Men's Uno Malaysia). Even the styling is quite similar - partial baring of the chest.

So, who rocks better between the two Godfreys? 

Seeing Double: Berluti SS'15 vs. Philip Lim 31 Hour Bags

Berluti Spring/Summer 2015

So, is the House of Berluti a copycat? What is seen at the previous Spring/Summer 2015 show, it looks like the bags carried by the models looked a mere resemblance to Philip Lim's 31 Hour bags. Except that the handles seem to be 'flipped' backward at Berluti; it's for you to make your own judgement though...

The Philip Lim 31 Hour bags.