Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Face to Face with The Red One

Last Thursday I finally came face to face with the one that I've been wanting to see. The red Kia Sportage. It looks pretty cool on the cover of the pamphlet when I saw it last time in July [CLICK]; and now that I got to see in its actual glory, it looks equally awesome. 

The color is quite in-your-face kinda thing, which is synonymous to what red is famous for - very 'punchy' color. Suit the term that Kia gave to this one - Signal Red - I can't help but pause and stop a bit when I look at how the gleaming beauty was presented right in front of me. It looks vibrant, fresh, fierce and with an understated roaring hot. Could it be the next thing people snap this Sportage for? At least yes, coz they can no longer get the Techno Orange anymore as it's already discontinued and replaced with this Signal one.

What's under the hood? Nothing but awesome!

Anyway, last Thursday marked my 4th time that I went to the Kia 3S Centre for a service check. (The last time was July - CLICK). It also marks my just-over-one-year anniversary with this SUV. Kia even sent me the 'Birthday Card' to commemorate both my 1st anniversary to the Sportage and for my birthday (how pretty cool and thoughtful of them).

What is my verdict so far? It's was such a great experience - definitely a great buy for a car with that kind of price tag. Fuel consumption was okay, despite it's not too gas guzzling with its 10.2L/100 km journey stated on the digital dashboard. Of course there're hiccups here and there, like the aircond don't really follow the setting temp when it's in auto mode (it'll automatically cool down the interior if it's too hot despite I don't want to!), or it's not that easy to speed up right after taking a sharp corner due to its auto-transmission. But hey, everybody that went into my Sportage compliment how roomy it was. Not to mention how stable it's on the road too - as proven by my nieces who went straight into slumber whenever they're in coz they said 'we don't feel like it's moving!'. Oh well. 

But I have some grudges though. Sometimes I still mistaken the right lever beside the steering was for the signal/light/high beam. So, whenever I wanna warn those car coming from the front by giving them high beam, I'd gave them the wiper instead! (not cool, but funny). Or, I still got irritated to park it properly though, coz with its wide body I sometimes fail to get into the parking box correctly (it took minutes to get it right!). And the worst - I'm struggling to control the speed. As the Sportage is really heavy (or heavier than my previous car), accelerating at 100 kmph feels like it's moving at a typical 60 kmph for Kembara! (should I tell you I've got 2 AES speeding ticket which I had to fork out RM600 to pay for both!? *cried*)

Whatever it is, at more than 40,000 km recorded journey in about a year - I'm happy with the car. 

*Not until I get the next one, if I'd be given a chance.... :)

... and the sneakers of the day.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

What Made Girls Gone Wild About What We Wear?

Girls gone wild over sneakers? Seriously? At least that's what the study said as reported in the recent issue of Men's Fitness magazine - it shows that the ladies would go gaga over the dude when they see them wearing a good pair of trainers.

What about guys who wear boots? :)

Reptiles in Harrods Man

Reptiles rule the editorial in the recent edition of Harrods Man magazine. They look slitheringly cool, with the scales that exude mysterious, eeries and with a hint of understated luxe (not to mention a little bit of geli too). I love how they play with the color scheme of the accessories - dark-shaded krait with the black wallet and sunglasses, blue-grey lizard with grey hues (and purple), orange python with the neutral tones and green newt with the green-colored accessories. Definitely a brilliant styling (and scary!).

[pix from harrods man]