Friday, 22 August 2014

When Your Wristwear Charges Your Phone...

Being a product developer myself, I always welcome any innovative designs that're popping up out there in the market. Especially those stuff that'll make my life simpler, easier and no much fuss. Ever had a problem with your smartphone battery drain out so fast when it comes to using it on the go? Usually we would slot in the connector and charge it to the battery pack instead. But, what if your battery pack itself look so sleek - that you can actually wear it on your wrist and doubles up as a chic accessory?

Now, this is where QBracelet comes into this world!

At a glance, you might think it's just a typical metal cuff that you wear to accessorize your wrist. Or, someone might even think it's just another version of FuelBand that's released by Nike. But hey, it's not. This stuff is actually a phone charger that could have an identity problem which thought it's also a bracelet! Kinda two-in-one. Isn't it brilliant?

The tech spec says that when you pull the QBracelet open, a pair of connectors are revealed. One is used to charge your phone, and the other is used to charge the bracelet. To charge your phone all you have to do is plug the connector into your phone and the charging will automatically happen, done by the polymer lithium ion battery contained inside. It can charge the iPhone 5s up to 60% with its 1,160 mAh capacity. How long does it take to load up the phone from zero? About an hour (kinda long, huh?).

What I like about this device - it look so sleek. Who would've thought it's a charger anyway when you keep it closed? One word though: why not triple the use as a smartwatch too? Then you can 'partially' rival the upcoming iWatch! BAM!!

Just saying...

*you know what will come next? A generation of copycats...

Btw, see how it works. An absolute brilliant wearable tech!

[pix and vid by qdesigns]

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Should Glam Lelaki Go Much Mobile?

Next September will be my second anniversary for the online subscription of Glam Lelaki magazine. It's been awhile that I've been reading the mag in my iPad and iPhone, alongside the hardcopy versions that I'm also buying on a monthly basis. Dunno why I need to buy both, though - but the hardcopy is merely for the sake of the receipts I'm getting from the bookstore, which I use it to claim for rebates in my income tax annually!

When talking about tablet edition of any mags, I really notice that there're some features that are not included in the printed version - the add-on stuffs like moving images, videos, special interactive element that's no way existed in a typical mag. Sometimes, you can 'go' behind the scenes and see how the cover being shot by the photographer. Or, the cover person himself/herself 'talk' to you in the short interview. At times, the advert truly comes to life just like how you watch it on tele, rather than just still images on printed pages - kinda similar to 'Daily Prophet' that you see in Harry Potter movies! It's all interactive kinda way. (Sadly, all of these doesn't apply to Glam Lelaki iPad version!)

But, one of the thing that I cherish about tablet/smartphone edition is how it replaces the need to carry the hefty weights during the mobile mode, during travelling. Like this Glam Lelaki for example, I don't have to worry about bringing the whole chunks of previous issues if I wanna read them on-the-go coz it's all in the memory of the iPad. Just imagine how all of those 10 kg worth of printed mags are 'compressed' into less than a pound gadget? That's a saving of more than 96% weight! Not only that, it also save spaces too - especially on the bookcases, where I'm currently puzzled on how to store 'em due to the increasing numbers of printed versions that I bought these days! 

Nevertheless, despite all of that weight-shedding capability or add-on features available in the tablet/smartphone version, it can never replaces the joy of having that printed mag though. Kinda juxtaposing, isn't it? Why. I think I'm still an old-school, I like the smell of the mag. Or the stuff I get that came along with it when I bought the hardcopy from the bookstore, such as the perfume samples insert or goodies they include together as part of the promo material. Or the joy of flipping the real thing that you can touch with your own fingers. Those, you can't put a price to it as it's what make buying a paper version a unique experience on its own. 

Talking about Glam Lelaki, they've been shedding weights quite a bit too through the years - from the larger copies into a slightly compact size. It's not that much, but considering to similarity of what Ikea did with their KALLAX range of furniture that replaces the old EXPEDIT, this could save the uses of wood quite a lot. Yet, my question to the publisher is one : as I've been reading the mag in my iPad mini, why can't the publisher produces a much smaller printed version than the current size? Maybe not the size of the iPad Mini, but at least they should follow what Men's Health UK has been doing - in an almost B5-size. Not only it's fantastic for mobility (and space-saving in the bag!), think about how many trees you have saved in order to produce paper for printing those hardcopies. If fashion is upholding the 'sustainability' ethos across the globe, why not fashion magazine follow suit too?

I think they should. Do it much mobile, please...

Home Sweet H&M

It was one anticipated news that I've been waiting for by the fast fashion house, H&M. They've finally opened the H&M Home section at Avenue K, right in front of KLCC. When I visited there last week, it was quite a surprising welcome indeed - coz the home and interior accessories look quite good, not as what I expected before. From the living room pieces like pillow covers, throws and vases, to bedroom items such as bed sheet and duvet covers, to even decor accessories for kitchen and bathroom; you can find most of the latest collection by H&M Home for this season at their Avenue K store. 

Price? Ranges from the cheap and dear to the wallet to something quite on the upper budget. Think Ikea, but from a fashion twist, instead. You might find pillow covers with skull studs, or duvet cover with leopard print, or shaggy pillow cover in faux alpaca fur, or even metallic flappy cover that will add pizzazz to your home. It ranges from basics to something girly, something shabby chic to poetic, for kids, or even contemporary and masculine pieces. A little bit something for everyone if you really browse through to find your own 'hidden treasure' there (I spent almost half an hour there, despite the place is quite small!)

My selection? These pillow covers in quilted faux leather. Been searching it quite some time, and thank goodness I found it at H&M Home. Pretty cool to add some spice to the my own modern decor.

Fyi, H&M Home at Avenue K is the only home line by the label in Southeast Asia. as verified in the NST last week. At least for the current moment...