Tuesday, 2 September 2014

September, We Have Some Issues.

The most anticipated issue of the year - the SEPTEMBER issue - has finally hit the store as early as 3 weeks ago. And as September has just begun, we'll be seeing more mags of this issue hitting the bookstore across the country. What's better - they're all gonna be thicker than the rest of the months. What's the special thing about September issues, anyway? 

1. If you ask me, I bought men's fashion mags for the fashion (and fitness matter), whereas the September issue women's mag like Vogue or Elle for the sake of photography (coz their fashion has no meaning to me). If you're an avid photographer this issue is the best to learn about art direction - especially when it comes to fashion photog - coz every editorial will at least feature the very best photographers out there in the fashion planet who're well-known for their work globally. Name it: Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, Patrick Demarchelier, Annie Leibovitz, David Sims, etc... etc. Not only that, even the adverts that fill more than 60% of the content is mostly new too and shot by the most coveted fashion photoartists. It's all about learning, really. Learning how to infuse sombreness and the ambience of gloomy with a touch of class. How to make the texture of leather or the fluidity of the fabric really pop out. How to let the color appear vivid without being tacky. How to master the art of one third. How to pose by not appearing too posey. How to shoot people in the group that each person in the frame has their own personality shine. There're many things I can learn from September issue!

2. It's the big fashion issue, without a doubt, that feature the finest material came out of the previous Fall/Winter runways. Think luscious wool, tweed and plaid, luxe leather, the best boots, the great bags and techno cases, new prints and patterns, new silhouettes of the suits, etc... which is not widely seen in the Spring/Summer season. And probably because you gonna have more clothing material per square inch of the body compared to summer clothing - that could make this issue much more celebrated than the rest.

3. C'mon, because it's all about the hype! Ever since 'September Issue' documentary film came out a couple of years ago, everybody seem to wanna follow the hype that making this issue as THE issue of the year not to be missed. Enough said.

But having said that, why men's September issues still can't rival the ladies'? Even GQ went only a quarter thick than 856-pages phonebook-lookalike Vogue, despite they're all under the same Conde Nast flagship. 

Well, that's something to ponder about...

Monday, 1 September 2014

Naughty Kid at Uniqlo

Uniqlo recently collaborated with some South East Asian artists/designer with their own range of UT t-shirts. One of them is this statement tee, bearing the phrase 'Anak Nakal' which means naughty kid (or brats). They come in two colors: blue as worn in the pix below, and also red. Not every day I see Malay words being used by the international brand though - and this collection by Uniqlo is surely a welcomed addition.

To add to that, even the washing labels underneath is written in Bahasa. Not Bahasa Malaysia, but rather Bahasa Indonesia gitu...

In case you're wondering who's the Malaysian designer collaborated with the brand, it's Joe Chia with his range of pretty cool graphic tees.

Fyi, Uniqlo has opened their store at KLIA2 a couple of weeks back. Quite petite and compact, probably about one third the size of their nearest store at Alamanda Putrajaya. Nevertheless, it's closer to our house though... and I think this airport store would be a nice stop prior checking in before you take off. Most of the latest collection is there, so that's a good thing.

In case you wanna find its location at KLIA2, Uniqlo sat under the Nanny's Pavillion eatery (and right in front of KLIA Express entrance).

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Black Skinny Skagen: My Legacy Well-used.

During the swimming session last week at Putrajaya, I spotted my nephew wearing the watch that I gave him two years ago. The Skagen steel mesh-strap watch. He was wearing it while taking a dip into the pool, and it left me puzzled. Isn't that water could get in when he did that? Not just during the shower prior entering the pool where water can definitely wet the surfaces already - we're talking about when he submerged deep towards the base of the pool!

When I asked him, tak rosak ker jam tu? (isn't that the watch could damage?), then he started to take it off and show me what's written on its base: 3 atm. So, in other words that Skagen watch could withstand pressure of up to 30 m water depth before it went into a complete destruction. Not bad, huh?

But what's surprising me the most is when he mentioned he never take it off, even when he's taking shower on a daily basis. Seriously? That's what I call a gift well-used! (it should be, coz it cost more than RM500 back then!)

Next watch to let go: the Swatch denim chrono [CLICK]. And my other nephew, Muhamad, has been gagging about it during the previous Raya break. To give it free, or not to give it free? Hmmm....

*I blogged about this Skagen last time [CLICK]