Double Trouble @ DoubleTree

Sale season has started. It's also the second week of the fasting month, which means my quest for baju raya should commence without delay. Based on these two reasons, I put myself into quite a trouble when I decided to travel out into the city and stay in the hotel during this Ramadhan. The trouble is that, there's no way I got to enjoy the buffet breakfast as usual coz I can't eat during daylight. Another trouble: I'm gonna take the public transport to run my errands, which would challenge my typical driving mode that I'm used to. Honestly, when was the last time I took the underground train with the rest of the public? It's years ago!

The Week in the Office : Part 30

Hot weather. Energy loss. Mood slump. That's practically could sum up what's happening in the office this week of June/July hybrid.


Embracing Longline

Something cool that emerged from Versace for Spring/Summer 2016 were the longline tops in a variation of colors and slim cuts. I like how Versace kinda embraces the trend that originates from the skaters community, which also has since been building up quite a while in the street fashion facade a couple of seasons till now. The fashion house packed and intertwined it into a new hi-fashion meaning, which somehow could attract the new gen to like the brand. It's one way to lure the Millennials into buying Versace - or better yet, to get inspired by Versace - which has undergone toning down of their look compared to their baroque days.

Spikes' Return

Spikes would never leave the BigFat wardrobe. In fact, every year it reemerged into another version one after the other. Either at the lowest part of the attire in shoes and sandals [CLICKCLICK], or to the one ornamenting the midsection [CLICK] - spikes are definitely here to stay.


The Week in The Office : Part 29

It's the final 'complete' week of June (coz next week only Monday and Tuesday are in June!). And it's another round of the BigFat ensemble to the office. What's happening around this week was a complete mix. Rejuvenated on part part, tiresome on the other, and being elated at one corner. A true mix of what working life is all about.


The Week in the Office : Part 28

I haven't been doing the 'office look' post for quite a while. The last time was last November... which means ancients ago! So, without losing the track let's somehow restart the mood for another round to capture the office look in this first half of the year (the ending of first half of the year to be exact). 

I think I'm quite apprehensive to do this kind of post coz last year all the snaps are done using iPhone 5, whereas this time it's all with iPhone 6. Which means the image quality should be slightly better (especially the front camera) - and which means you can see the details better too due to the tweak that Apple did for the camphone. And which means, my flaws would direly be much visible to be seen than what iPhone 5 could've captured before! So, I'm apprehensive as it would put my vulnerability out there in the open (yikes!). But, what the heck, huh?

Yet, one thing that Apple still can't fix well is the white balance and the exposure. Most of the times when I captured the blacks (or dark-shaded attire), the lighter background behind would be too overexposed. So, please don't mind about being irritated by the overpowering white background at the back; do blame Apple instead. Ha!