Monday, 28 July 2014

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2014

Wishing all Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Eid Mubarak! 

This year my outfit for the first day of Raya deviates from the typical norm. No Teluk Belanga that I used to pick. No plain colored ensemble unlike the previous years. Not even Pantone Colors' infusion into the hues of the outfit.

Instead, I went for what I said in the previous post [CLICK]. A combination of traditional and modern twist - as the Cekak Musang collar exudes the classic takes, while the non-pesak baju Melayu and the checks pattern give off the modern vibes. A combination of colors and monochromatic - as the main ensemble's navy/grey/sky blue combo keep the theme to monochrome, the hint of golden threads in the kain sampin somehow threw some colors to it. A combination of extravagant and simplicity - extravagant as in the whole look, i.e. combining checks pattern all over; the silhouette of the outfit, however, is kept to very simple.

Who am I wearing for Raya 2014 this time? It's Zizan Razak by Jakel.

I heard there're many complaints about the collection by Zizan and Aaron Aziz by Jakel, and it spreads like wildfire in the social media recently. But, what I discover in this outfit that I bought - none of the rubbish claim by those people exist at all. Probably because what I chose is not the plain colored baju raya, but the contemporary version. Or maybe, well... what a fashion blogger choose is never the same like the typical people anyway coz we always have such a big fuss when buying something, so that our every pick is truly worth the buy. (Ngeehehe...)

And this Zizan Razak by Jakel is truly worth it! 

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir Batin. Kosong-kosong.

Friday, 25 July 2014

The Flat Pack

In last year's summer sale, I didn't get a lot of shoes compared to the winter sale in December. Enough with just the Diesel 'Anibal H' sandals I bought at a good bargain [CLICK], I'm not sure why there's lack of footwear I grabbed in that summer sale period? Either it's because I was in a confused moment  as I seem to shift my attention from the typical go-to ankle boots to the sneakers (especially Nike Flyknits), or maybe there're no shoes that can jolt my soul (and sole) to tempt me in getting them? Maybe a little bit of both, perhaps. But whatever the reasons might be, I think summer sale 2013 was a disappointment when it comes to getting shoes at slashed prices.

But not this year, as summer sale 2014 looks rather quite optimistic whether from the highstreet side or at the designer labels counterpart. As my taste for the accessories down under also seem to spiral out of the norm and went for another shoe categories, I found that the selection was quite massive all around. This year I shifted my zing on the footwear cravings yet again - and the flats became a new victim, especially the slip-on skaters with the flat undersoles which currently became a big hit on both genders this season. All these while when I wore the typical boots during that off-duty outings, it wasn't feel good coz the heel is quite painful when I walked too much. But not the flats, as it's much dearer to the comfort of the foot instead.

Did I say the summer sale 2014 look quite optimistic? Apparently, it was coz there've been great bargains everywhere. The only challenge is to get them very fast - coz with the arrays of nice-looking shoes that's being reduced quite a lot from it's original prices, I can't wait longer before someone else snapped 'em first. Thankfully, I managed to get some - the new flat pack.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Would I Wear Fall 2014's Pantone Colors for This Raya?

Raya (or Eid, as some of you knew it) is gonna be in a week's time. When I wandered around the malls and at some local shopping outlets in the city, there has been plenty of baju raya being sold by the seasonal vendors who took the booth at the venues. Some carry new ideas, some maintain the classic looks, some sold new stuff fresh out of the factories, and some still carry old stocks from the yesteryear (as the fabric seems to give the clue). But one thing that binds them together: they're all colorful. Plenty of colors abound. For those who think they're very weak when it comes to choosing what to wear for the big celebration day - they've probably fainted when they see those arrays of baju raya sold at almost everywhere throughout the country!

So, there's one question though: would I wear any of Pantone Colors for Fall/Winter 2014 in this Eid?

I dunno yet. In previous years whenever possible I tried to infuse some element of Pantone Colors of that year in my Eid outfit. Like Alloy for Eid 2013 [CLICK], the hue of Linen in Eid 2012 [CLICK], and Blue Curacao, Bamboo and Deep Teal, as well as Silver Cloud for 2011 [CLICK, CLICK] - this year I can't have a final word how am I gonna include Pantone Colors again to my baju raya? Quite difficult though, coz the colors for Fall 2014 doesn't overwhelm me as a whole.

Yet, I think a couple of these colors stated in the Pantone men's guide could probably make a dire similarities to what I have in store. Not 100% the same - but at least the almost similar hues are still there. Which one? We'll see...

[pix from pantone]