31 August and The 7 Year's Itch.

Rewind to 31 August 2008. I was in my bedsit at North London typing the first entry of the blog: "Happy Independence Day". Putting in some animated gifs of the waving Malaysia's flag and wishing my fellow countrymen for the celebration of freedom of the nation, it was the first entry I ever posted online that opened my gateway into the blogging world (but that post was deleted, and replaced with something about shoes instead!).


14 Things You Didn't Know Your IPhone Headphones Could Do

How many of us that when we bought the new iPhone, we just tossed out the earphones that came in the box. Well, I don't know about you but as for myself I never use it coz white earphone never went along with the black iPhone that I had. Yet, there's something about the earphone that I didn't realize it could do though (coz I never read the manual!). It's plenty actually. And I bet you didn't know either. 

Back to Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA

I'm back to MOP KLIA, or better known for its full name - Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA - 3 months after its opening back in May. The stark difference between now and then is that all the stores are open, including the standalone designer outlets like Bally, Polo Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna and Diane Von Furstenberg to inject a hint of upscale brand amidst the highsteet and sportswear labels there.


The Week in the Office : Part 34

The week in the office after returning from the outstation duties always proven to be the challenging one coz the travelling mode is still somehow lingers inside. Especially when in the weekend there were a series of hopping places here and there out there in the city with the BigFat clan; I think I still had that exhaustion due to travel. But, the career life has to be carried on - and, there I am in the office in the final weeks of August. The week that's filled with engagement with all sorts of people from various occasions. (somehow my 'week in the office' has become my own online diary, huh?)


Confirmed. H&M Is Coming to Ipoh!

The rumors that was circulating around in the past months is finally true when it comes straight from the mouth of the real source itself. Yes, H&M is confirmed to open at the new AEON Klebang at the end of this year as they posted in their Facebook page this morning last night.


This New 'Prince' is Once a Legend

After completed my final internship visit in KL later in the afternoon recently, I didn't go back home. Just like in the previous instances when I was on outstation travel, I'll take time to stay for another day just to unwind and rake in what the city got to offer. This time, prior going spending time with the family at Sepang, I stayed at one of the hotel that I've been 'separated' for quite some time now : the Sunway Putra Hotel.