Pantone Colors Spring 2016

Celebrating the exuberance of life: that could be one phrase that I could sum up after seeing the new Pantone Colors that have been released for Spring 2016. Bright, airy, vibrant, and somehow quite lighter color palette, I think this top 10 colors for next year inclined very much on the 'happier' side compared to the previous seasons.


More Update on Balmain x H&M Emerges

Another images on the Balmain x H&M collection emerged today featuring some pieces that would be in the line that will hit stores in November.


The Best of September Issue

September issues are always fashion-packed! What's being featured in the editorial spreads are something that I always look for, especially the accessories like shoes, bags and the gadgets. 

These are some of the snippets from the men's magazine - Men's Health UK and GQ Aussie for this 2015's September issues...


Testing Out Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush

Skepticism always make me try out stuff out there in the market in order to convince myself whether a product truly work or not. Skepticism made me reveal the truth about the functionality of an item, coz somehow whatever review that I read in the magazine, I don't really trust 'em 100%. It all boils down to the fact that most brand will pay for the editorials to be included in the mags, and the column editors are somewhat 'obliged' to write something good about an item for not to 'upset' that particular brand. In fact, there's not much review I could obtained from any print magazine, as every stuff being put into that glossy pages doesn't even have lengthy write-up about it (that rating thing Nora kasi 4 bintang also doesn't work, unfortunately!). So, the best way for me to reveal on a functionality of a product is to test it myself, hands-on in real life.

And this is what I did for this new grooming gadget by Clinique: the Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush. A device used to cleanse the face and replace my 'traditional' washing using bare hands.

Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush


Can That Famous Tweed Jacket Morph into Something Else?

We all know that the famous Chanel tweed jacket is adored by many ladies around the world. Yes, that particular monochromatic tweed jacket that became a global icon synonymous with the uber brand. Women around the world drool over it, and it become a symbol of luxury. What I like about the construction of the jacket is its yarn - it looks kind of rough with the neat extra little details of the raw fringes popping out from the one-of-its-kind weaving technique. If you've ever watched "The Day Before... Chanel" show at LI Channel, then you might have that appreciation on how it's being made.

Now, the question: can that Chanel jacket morph into something else? Something that men too could enjoy and appreciate?