Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Night for A Royale Treatment

Last week I attended an annual dinner event organized by one of the Engineering institutions branch in this country that bring members from various industries (naval, marine, and all in between!) to celebrate the yearly gathering. It was my first, as last year I'm unable to join due to the other family commitment that occurred on the same date. But this time I took the chance to participate - despite it was actually very ad hoc as I got the invitation quite late i.e. almost midweek, and I had to rearrange my weekend schedule just for this event. 

Since the dinner was on Saturday nite, I thought there's no way I could return home very late as it was more than 200 km away between both venues (my home and the hotel). Therefore, the right decision to take is to book a nite stay at the same hotel where the event was organized. And there I was, a couple of days before, eagerly anticipated for a good deal when I browsed thru the websites that indicate the stay there.

Surprisingly, the best deal is none other than the hotel's official website as it gave the cheapest (than thru Agoda). And bam! My hotel's booked. On that Saturday, I packed my stuff and head on to the capital city for a weekend away from home. It was pretty easy to find the location coz I'm way too familiar with the location. It was always on my route whenever I went to Pavilion KL or taking a turn towards KLCC - so, it's not that puzzling. Its architecture is too prominent, by which somehow I had a secret wish that one day I would stay at this hotel myself.

Well, I just did. I got to stay at The Royale Chulan Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

I got an 'Apartment' type. Upon entering the room, it was a surprise to see a kitchenette at the hallway. The room is quite ok, a good interpretation of a 'studio apartment' style instead.

Something that I truly adore upon seeing the bed is this one: the padded bedhead that looks so luxe. Very royal!

Did you see what I see? The lamp stands were in the shape of labu sayong. How pretty traditional-influenced!  (labu sayong is always associated with Perak's indigenous local produce) 

Something small, but very relevant - if other hotels I stayed usually put 'One Touch Service' button on the phone, The Royale Chulan make it extra special by calling it 'Royale Touch'. Now I'm feeling regal!

Fantastic labu sayong inspired wall lamp.

The kitchenette, complete with a hot plate for you to do a proper cooking, and a big fridge to store your groceries. And oh, there's a microwave too in case you just wanna heat up your meal. How awesome! (sadly, I'm there just for a nite... no time to cook!)

Even the door signs are in the shape of labu sayong...

The bathroom was ok, though I'm expecting a bath tub in there. But hey, I'm not complaining when I got a proper rainshower in there...

Man in black. Leather tee + asymmetric biker sweatshirt + cropped jogger.

Something surprising was that the closet can actually be accessed from both direction - from the bed side and from the bathroom. So, better don't stay here with the family coz someone can see your 'business' you're doing in there...!

I love the hallway. This one looks very understated classic luxury.

The hotel architecture boasts the look of a traditional Malay palace. Quite a grandeur facade...

One of it numerous sitting areas in the lobby. The lobby was quite massive - but unfortunately I've forgotten to snap any.

The breakfast at its Warisan Cafe. Something I found so interesting was how the nasi lemak was being presented: it's in a proper pyramidal shape banana leaves wrap. (Something quite similar at Hotel Istana too).

The roti canai was quite ok, and the best thing - they got selections of roti canai which include the roti telur! And, the waffle is the best compared to Impiana Hotel.

Oh, should I tell that I had breakfast with a celebrity that morning? It was Datuk Syeikh Muzaffar - the Malaysian astronaut. Ok fine, that's not the whole truth. He and his family were actually sitting behind my table - so, technically we're having the breakfast in the same cafe lah. Ha!

Anyway. The room that I had was quite fortunate coz I can still view the Petronas Twin Tower. Probably in a couple of years if I stayed in the same room, it might be obstructed with the upcoming Harrods Hotel, that will be built just beside The Royale Chulan. (which by that, I might change hotel then...).

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Week in The Office : Part 24

The week in the office as of the 4th week of October. This is one of the shortest period I worked due to the long holiday that's coming after Wednesday. Hence, there's only two days this week that I was in my typical office ensemble.

Monday, October 21

A very big example of Monday blues. I clocked in to work in the afternoon as I was on a half-day leave, being travelling from KL during the weekend after attending a dinner event as well as family gathering. It was absolutely tiring, and I can't remember how many times I had to stop at the R&Rs for some dozing off time when I drove to Ipoh very early on that Monday morning. Come afternoon there're series of meetings, that took time right after I clocked in till quite late almost 6 pm. This is my typical work, people!

As the blues was on my head that day, I coyly played along by opting the blue slimfit shirt by River Island, which I think suit the mood. It was paired with the shawl blazer by Zara and green tartan tie by The Tie Bar, which I think the color doesn't seem to work well with the shirt (another blues happening!). To complete the ensemble were Skagen ultraslim leather-strap watch and Chelsea boots by Dior.

*pardon on the pics, it was too o/exposed.

Tuesday, October 22.

The day when I opted a hint of color into my plain monochrome base outfit. The pair between the white slimfit shirt by River Island and Asos black suit jacket was given a chromato-shock with the multicolored palm leaves-print tie by Topman. Dunno whether I was inspired by the rangoli that I saw during the weekend at Pavilion KL though - which somehow has multitude of tones for the kolam design. To complete the outfit were the simple Nixon Shutter watch and Chelsea boots by Kenneth Cole.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Week in The Office : Part 23

The week in the office for the 3rd week of October.

Monday, October 13.

It's a total monochromatic Monday as the theme is a complete black and white. The slimfit shirt is by River Island, paired with the woolen-blend suit jacket by Asos and zebra-stripes microfibre tie by Topman, and completed with the Calvin Klein Masculine chrono watch and zipper boots by Jimmy Choo.

Tuesday, October 14.

Still feeling the monochromatic look, but there's a dash of color thrown into the ensemble that day. The same suit jacket by Asos as of the day before was paired with the blue-black vertical stripes shirt by Zara and black crochet tie by Uniqlo. Rounding up the outfit was the Calvin Klein Sight watch and boots by Calzoleria Toscana.

This is how the boots look like, with the zippers on both sides...

Wednesday, October 15.

Going a little bit on lighter shade, the Wednesday's outfit was composed of sea green blazer by Asos, which is paired with the blue-grey multitonal checks shirt by Padini and plain black tie by The Tie Bar. The accessories to complement the ensemble were Simon Carter watch and brogue Chelsea boots by Bally. 

Thursday, October 16.

The day when I'm on a slightly playful edgy side where I put on a hint of rebel to the office attire. The shawl blazer by Zara was worn with the red/black checks slimfit shirt (also by Zara) and studded tie by Topman. To go along with the look was the studded strap Pop watch by Karl Lagerfeld, while the boots by Hugo boss gave it a sense of toning down a little.

Friday, October 17.

A quite mundane Friday when all that I can think of was playing safe all along. Hence, the linen db jacket by Asos became the choice for the day, paired with the mini-polka dots shirt by Zara and crochet tie by Uniqlo. To complete the simplistic look was the simple watch by Timex and wingtip boots by Gucci.