It's A Mall World After All...

The recent issue of Time Out KL brought a delight to me coz it published an 'editorial' that's truly close to what I do all the time: visiting shopping malls. Unlike last year's issue of Shopping Guide [CLICK], this time the list directly focuses on some of the things you could get out of the typical shopping experience in that particular mall located within the fraternity of KL and Klang Valley. 

The Jubah Phenomenon

Recently I did mention that some jubah that I found during the baju Raya quest was not really up to my expectation. Almost what I'm seeing at those bazaar somehow require a bit of help in their look - either from the design point of view, with too much brouhaha here and there, the fabrication that looks cheap, the ornamentation on the outfit, etc etc. I just don't understand the 'mess' they're putting in to them. Can't they just be ... simple?

Thankfully, out of those ill-fated jubah some truly offer a collection that is pretty simple with no-fuss designs. What is even better, those jubah (or long robe, for you Westerners) is unlike the classical one that I usually found worn by the imams. They're modern. They look hip. They're slimfit. And yes, they've created such a phenomenon in the menswear fashion in this country as of recent. They're simply irresistible!

The Week in the Office : Part 31

The office outfits for the week prior the Eid break, two weeks ago. The theme of the week: all shirts are by Zara, which happened to be the finds during the previous summer sale, and watches are by Skagen - including some three new old pieces in their Ancher collection.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2015

Today is 11th Syawal, which means it's 10 days later after me and my Muslim friends celebrated the beginning of the new month. I think its not too late to wish everyone: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Eid Mubarak!


The Baju Raya for 2015

I recalled last year was one of my most difficult quest for baju raya as it took me several days, and at various locations around Ipoh, Shah Alam and KL to look for one. I was initially looking for baju Melayu Teluk Belanga, but it was a massive disappointment... none of the stores or bazaar stalls truly fulfill my expectations. Worst, when none ever produce it that year, and only sold the traditional cekak Musang at every site I went to. Eventually I settled for a very unique and modern version by Zizan Razak x Jakel, instead - which I think had dashed my usual take on the typical baju Melayu that I normally select to celebrate Aidilfitri. Monochromatic checks + non-pesak + enclosed pockets; who would've thought I would wear one of those contemporary piece for the special day of Syawal? It somehow raised the bar for any baju Raya collection in my wardrobe, hands down.


Black & White Saturday

It's the last Saturday before Hari Raya (or Eid, as some of you might call it). And it's oughtta be the busiest Saturday in the month of Ramadhan as usual, as people started gearing up their last minute preparation before the big day of Syawal appearing pretty soon (which is hopefully by next Friday). Typically, when it comes to the final weekend prior Hari Raya, almost everywhere from the shopping mall to the Raya bazaar that pop up throughout the nation will be packed with people. If in the previous post when I mentioned they're not many shoppers around during the time I went for my baju Raya quest - well, I'm totally wrong coz it seems that those shoppers were actually waiting up to the last minute to really go all out for their big shopping spree!