Monday, 21 April 2014

Weekend @ Swiss Garden Damai Laut

Last weekend the Department organized a workshop at Swiss-Garden Damai Laut Resort, attended by almost the entire member of the faculty. A three-days workshop to discuss some important matter at hand that will happened later in June. This is probably the first time after years that such a 'retreat' has been conducted - maybe almost a decade, if I can still recall - just to get away from the office environment once in a while; despite it's still about work matter nonetheless. Well, at least this is one way how to get the members of the department gather the entire day (morning till night!) to workout solutions and exchanging collective ideas that requires everyone's attention.

Anyway. This is my first time arriving at this resort that's located somewhere within the fraternity of Lumut, Perak. I've heard about this place, therefore was quite curious and excited to find it out. Driving here was quite a challenge though, coz I dunno where on Earth it was exactly located. Yet, with the help of Waze I managed to follow the route; despite the app was directing me to take some roads that looks like very jin bertendang and quite scary.

What is my verdict? Amidst the journey through the oil palm plantations and the conditions of the roads that's not so good, it was a delight to see the hotel was quite nice. The one thing that made me suddenly went whoa is its lobby that's facing directly towards the Straits of Malacca and Pangkor Island. As the arrival time was about sunset, it sealed the deal for me to like it even more.

The room was pretty good, and I was quite surprise to discover that it is better than what I read from some of the reviews out there in the net. I think the interior has been upgraded, that's why it appears somewhat much 'polished' than those I previously saw. I like how they infuse the element of indigenous culture to it - the weaved bamboo feature into the headboard - by which in the old days it's actually made the wall of the traditional houses. Very creative, and it does give more character and story to the room. The choice of dark wood color palette on the furniture is also great, coz it exudes a slight modern contemporary feel that somehow balances the decor.

Room amenities are quite basic, though. A big annoyance is definitely the absence of wifi in the room - which is unacceptable in this modern world (or maybe the organizer doesn't include this component during booking, in order to save the budget!). However, where there's a big loss in the technology department (the room has a CRT TV), the resort somehow redeemed itself with other feature that's absolutely priceless - it surrounding gift of nature and other facilities. There're golf course, choices of outdoor activities like archery, flying fox, island hopping etc; and the best part is the stunning view of the ocean. Sitting absolutely on the coastline on the west of Peninsular Malaysia, this resort has a perfect scene for the sunset. So fantastic, that the entire scenario of catching the sun goes down is truly magical!

*there's a worst part though: abundance of FLIES! Where's the hygiene?*

The steep steps that lead to one of its beaches. There's a warning signboard to be aware of the jelly fish. 

Every room has its own balcony. Mine was facing the garden (or car park to be honest). There's a sign at the door saying not to feed the monkeys!

Fantastic view of the sunset. Priceless!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

A Reason to Skate

One of the biggest footwear trend this season seem to be inspired by the skateboarders out there. Taking the similar look of the sneakers worn by the skater dudes, slip-on sneakers with its lo-pro and flat undersoles have been taking the fashion world by storm around the globe. Not only the highstreet and the sportswear have been upping their version of the footwear, the high-end labels are also jumping into the bandwagon to offer their high-fashion version with various texture of leather and some with adornment like studs, crystals and metal plate.

So, isn't this season give a good reason to skate?

Thursday, 17 April 2014

A Remote for Selfie Shot?

We all love doing selfie. In fact, that's what Instagram seem to be built upon these days - too much selfies (and hashtags!). Despite the famous photographer, David Bailey, previously said that he 'couldn't see the point of selfies' and condemned the trend as 'just another craze' and 'it's just a silly moment and people won't be doing it in six months' - I'm sure selfies are here to stay and more people are doing it every other second round the clock worldwide!

But, what's the numero uno most annoying thing about doing a selfie? Nope, not the duckface, though... but it's how to have to do two things at once when being snappy - position the camera and press the button, all with the same arm. Could there be a device that can help you press the button on the other hand, so that  the one that's holding the camera to do just that - holding? Or free your hands altogether from pressing so that you can take your photo with the camphone at a distance?

Bam! Thanks for this HISY, coz it helps you do just that! This is quite a blessing as it's a shutter remote that function just like the DSLR camera remote control which you can press it for taking that snap. How does it work? this YouTube vid says it all....

*nak beli satu!*

Or, the current craze of taking selfie (esp group selfie) is using the selfie monopod, or the one I called batang penyapu; just like what my niece did during the previous wedding event. Look funny...